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Top 7 Urban Spas BCN


Antidote to the stresses of our day-to-day lives, a way of connecting us back to the rituals of our ancestors who enjoyed the curative properties of bathing, a place where we can pamper ourselves for a few hours taking time out from our hectic schedules. Whether it be a massage, a beauty treatment or simply a soak the health benefits of the urban Spa are varied and undeniable. Wellness is the new buzz word on everybody’s lips, however the Spa has been around for literally thousands of years. The great advantage of the Urban Spa is that clients can slip in on their lunch hour or make an appointment on a break from the office or include a visit as part of a busy days sightseeing. Barcelona has a great variety of Spas within its urban centre, here we put together our Top 6 – from designer hotel to stand alone Spa these spaces are all genuinely unique and are well worth a visit in order to put our minds back in touch with our bodies even if it’s just for a few hours.