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The Shopping Talent

For a more conscientious fashion


The new MODA-FAD (The Association for the Promotion of Fashion from the FAD) opens its first exhibition with a double objective, firstly to empower consumers to choose in a more responsible and reflective manner by considering the real value of products within an industry generally dominated by the throwaway. This travelling exhibition can be visited till May 17th at Barcelona’s Museu del Disseny and between May 21st and June16th at the Eje Comercial Glòries.

Like so many other sectors, the fashion market revolves around the consumer and their purchasing decisions. Faced with an unending supply, connected with throw away consumption habits, how much do we know about these garments that we find in shops? This is the premise behind The Shopping Talent, and through the documentation of the production process and the breakdown of production costs and product management that finally reach the market, it aims to encourage debate and reflection on the value that is given to the work of designers and brands that are driving the market, providing data and information that is not normally revealed to the consumer.

  • The shopping talent MODA FAD

    Still from the documentary film on Manuel Bolaño


    The installation, a MODA-FAD production, is based around an audiovisual experience and the exhibition of a set of clothing pieces created especially for the occasion.

    Visitors will find simultaneous projections of images from four documentary shorts in one of the spaces that look at the differences between production methods of four Spanish companies in the fashion business from design and making to distribution: Munich, Bobo Choses, Manuel Bolaño and Yolan Cris.


  • The shopping talent MODA FAD

    Still from the documentary film on YolanCris

  • The shopping talent MODA FAD

    Still from the documentary film on Bobo Choses

  • The shopping talent MODA FAD

    Still from the documentary film on Munich


    Another space includes a fashion shop mock-up, where the designs include labels that break down the production and management costs behind the retail prices. The brands and designers that have participated in this second exhibition part are Albec Bunsen, Brain & Beast, Carlotaoms, Jnorig, Josep Abril, Juanma by el Cuco, Lurdes Bergadà, Matalafria, Naguisa, Ölend, Pacificand Co, Pau Esteve, Rita Row, TIKAHandbags, Victor von Schwarz and Ze Garcia.

  • The shopping talent MODA FAD

    View of the exhibition The Shopping Talent

  • The shopping talent MODA FAD

    Detail of the Bobo Choses installation

  • From May 21st to June 16th
  • The Shopping Talent will be exhibited at the Eje Commercial Glòries