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The House of Oud

Crop 2017

By Silvia Micolau 08.11.17

Dark, rich and opaque. Intense, musky and of an almost animal sensuality. It attracts you or repels you. It is the oud, the fragrant resin that impregnates the agar wood (Aquilaria sinensis), a tree native to Southeast Asia, which secretes it when attacked by the fungus Phialophora parasitica. And one of the most expensive perfumery ingredients, since it is estimated that less than 2% of trees produce it, and only after 20 years of infection. And that the best oud is that of the oldest specimens, since they require at least about 8 kilos to transform the wood, that's why the whole process lasts about 80 years.

The Saudi House The House Of Oud reserves every year the purest, and from this is born The Crop Edition, a tribute to the generosity of nature and the hard work of man that make the collection of oud a true art.

Its 2017 crop is a new opportunity to get this wonder in a limited and numbered edition; 547 units in ovoid bottles presented face down, with the stopper as the base. Just as each game of oud is unique and never identical to another, these fragrances are also original and inimitable.

The House Of Oud also has other lines of perfumes for men and women: a collection of floral and fruity aromas in Klem Garden and amber, leather and dusty notes in Desert Day.

  • The House of Oud

    The House Of Oud, Crop 2017

  • The House of Oud

    The House Of Oud, Crop 2016

  • The House of Oud

    The House Of Oud, Desert Day Collection

  • The House of Oud

    The House Of Oud, Klem Garden Collection