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Scott Schuman. The Sartorialist. Loewe

  • All photographies ©Scott Schuman

This year for the first time in Spain Loewe will be presenting the discreet elegance of Scott Schuman’s portraits within an exhibition organised within the 15th Edition of PhotoEspaña reinforcing Loewe’s relationship with contemporary culture. After having been shown at the Loewe shop on Gran Vía Madrid (13th June till the 5th of August) the exhibition travels to Barcelona’s Galería Loewe in September.

Schuman portraits are remarkable for their relationship with the subject, their capacity for uncovering the optimum moment of a shoot and their interest in contextualisation. This is precisely the frame of reference within PhotoEspaña 2012: “From here. Context and internationalisation.”

The self taught photographer (Indianapolis, Indiana, 1968) started taking photographs using digital format and sharing them through his blog The Sartorialist (www.thesartorialist.com) created back in 2005. Pioneer in bringing street fashion to blogs his work goes beyond mere documentary; Schuman’s gaze dissects the variety and contrasting nature of personal style in different parts of the world. The human landscape that he observes on the streets is both heterogeneous and unclassifiable. In his photos (always empathetic and never condescending) all ages, races and aesthetics are included. The body of work presented by the Sartorialist is nonetheless concerned with showing street fashion as a tool for personal expression contrasting it with the rigidity of the catwalks. The simplicity of the portraits is evident: the composition and lighting are cearefully orchestrated. Scott Schuman is already considered a contemporary classic.

The collaboration between Scott Schuman and Loewe came about almost organically. The photographer on one of his visits to Madrid succumbed to the charm of the Loewe shop on Madrid’s Gran Vía with its 1960s shop window displays styled by Pérez de Rozas and the products themselves. The particular charm of the portraits on display within the emblematic shop perfectly complements the spirit of Loewe which also understands that there are as many different styles as there are individuals.

The exhibited images are also included within a new book by Schuman published this August, his previous publication The Sartorialist (Penguin) was a huge success. The exhibition includes a video portraying his relationship with Loewe and Stuart Vevers as well as his working methods and his impressions of cities like Berlin and Madrid.

  • From 01 September to 01 November
  • Galería Loewe. Barcelona
  • Passeig de Gràcia, 91 Barcelona
  • www.loewe.es