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Selim de Somavilla by Alejandro Brito


The "Retrospective" exhibition currently on display at The Talent Gallery (till the end of February) located within the Grand Hotel Central looks at the career of fashion designer Selim Somavilla through the photographs of Alejandro de Brito. The creative universe of Selim de Somavilla is defined by freedom, creativity, colour and evolution as well as a marked respect for the traditional craft and knowledge behind the profession. The designer who was born and is based in Barcelona has won numerous awards including the ‘Best Spring-Summer Collection 2014’ for his Three Thousand Words collection at last year’s 080 Barcelona Fashion.

Retrospective not only provides a summary overview of the local designer’s career but does so in an original and experimental way, the result of a joint collaboration with photographer Alejandro Brito, responsible of all advertising campaigns and catalogues produced by the brand, as well as being a close friend of the designer he is an essential element of this project. Artist Jeriel Geronimo is responsible for the final artwork for all the photographs within the exhibition. "We thought that it might be interesting to provide a 'twist' to everything that had been done before. The brand has always been characterised by its use of colour, texture and use of prints. We took a risk by mixing all the collections and making them into one. Mixing up the prints from all the collections and creating something 'new' without it really being so,” explains Selim de Somavilla.

This meeting of synergies and aesthetic sensibilities between Somavilla and Brito has produced these exceptional images that embody Retrospective, and which celebrates the maturation of the brand and the designer’s belief in the 'new dandy', a man of refined tastes who likes to dress well, embodying a certain melancholy without sacrificing virility, despite a marked unisex influence.

  • Selim de Somavilla

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