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Perfumery de auteur in the Eixample

By J. Montenegro 29.04.16

Perfumerías Regia opens an exclusive space for lovers of the exceptional on Muntaner, 242 (with Diagonal). Regia started off its journey back in 1928 with expert perfumer Don Josep Giralt Giralt, a few months before the opening of Barcelona’s 1929 International Exhibition. Since then Regia has differentiated itself from other perfumeries in its promotion of specialist perfumes de auteur and niche fashion houses, both in the sale of cosmetics and perfumes. Always at the forefront of the latest international trends, offering its customers the most innovative and exclusive perfumes and cosmetics.

During the first month of Regia’s latest opening customers can enjoy a selection of pieces brought directly from the Barcelona Perfume Museum, originally founded by Ramon Planas. Among the artefacts are included unique earrings from La Maragatería (León) with cotton wool impregnated with perfume introduced into the orifices to prevent evil spirits from entering the ears; a human figure shaped porcelain perfume container from the 19th Century; a set of antique dressers; a limited edition of the classic Chanel No.5 designed by Andy Warhol and a perfume in the form of the Normandie liner by Jean Patou, among other little known delights.

  • Regia Eixample
  • Regia Eixample


    The interior design is the work of the Fubert studio. The concept was conceived by Alberto Fucale, the Italian designer who oversaw the project which is inspired by the atmosphere of a traditional library. The perfumes and the cosmetics are nevertheless the main stars here and are complimented by the interior design. Dark colours have been chosen to provide a backdrop for the products on display and the lighting is focused on these elements, while the rest of the space is more softly illuminated. In order to increase the visibility of the establishment from the street, especially from Diagonal, the façade has been cleansed of all unnecessary embellishment, simply restoring its transparency and some of the decorative motifs which are so typical of this area of the Eixample such as hydraulic ceramic tiles, the ceiling mouldings and the set-back niches.   

  • Regia Eixample


    More than 50 brands of perfume are available here, including hard to find one-offs and dozens of cosmetic brands such as Kilian, Francis Kurkdjian, Byredo, Nasomato, Frederic Malle, Perris, Amouage, Creed, Montale, Tom Ford, Memo, La Mer, La Prairie, Valmont, Dr.Perricone, Dr.Sebagh, Aqua di Parma, Clive Christian...

    Counting this new shop there are now a total of 9 Regia perfume shops between Barcelona and Sant Cugat some of which have generous treatment areas. As well as their webpage www.regia.es they also have an online sales service for high end perfumes and cosmetics.

  • Perfumerías Regia
  • New Boutique
  • Muntaner, 242 08021
  • T. 93 200 63 48
  • www.regia.es