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Manuel Bolaño / Soixante-quatorze

By David Herráez / Photos: Laia Navalón 14.02.14

We were totally blown away by the romantic affair between Manuel Bolaño’s parents which happened back in 74 '. Soixante-quatorze, once again, highlights the importance of having a concept behind each season’s new collection, one that here penetrates deep into the almost mystical world of allusions and codes, forming this designers signature stamp.


    The native Galician introduced us to his 70s, autumnal universe filled with vibrant rich tones like garish pinks, oranges and bottle greens with a background of beige and ochre. Voluptuous silhouettes, featuring baggy pants and big bow patterns, redefine the female form while marking a highly feminine cinched waist. The model’s makeup included a strong colour range underlining the theatricality of the catwalk show making reference to the more romantic and innocent decade of the 70s.


    The male models, few in number but powerful in terms of the work, featured a marked English aesthetic, a tailored cut using patchwork fabrics including twill, jacquard and his characteristic tricot. The models all carried baskets of flowers and gifts which also evoked a delightful autumnal countryside.

    Bolaño has once again collaborated with Happy socks and Les Lunettes who provided the show with goofy socks featuring jagged borders and cat-eye glasses which completed the overall look, a little dramatic and very decadent.