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Louis Vuitton’s New Perfume Selection

Travelling through smell


Maison Louis Vuitton has always explored new territories. In fact, its first bag design was aimed at travellers, hence the famous Louis Vuitton luxury travel goods. Now, the firm’s latest selection of perfumery provides travellers with an intimate and metaphorical journey through the emotions, because sometimes armchair travelling can be the most rewarding of all.

After travelling across five continents, in search of emotive inspiration, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, renowned perfumer, brought his skill and signature touch to the new Les Parfums collections. Fragrances that evoke the exotic and the unknown. And that feeling of surrender when one is away from home that leave a lasting impression on the memory. On returing home Cavallier Belletrud recreated seven olfactory journeys, seven intensely feminine creations for women to venture in search of themselves.

  • Les Parfums Louis Vuitton
  • Les Parfums Louis Vuitton


    In Rose des Vents, an essential instrument for navigation, the perfume evokes the fields around Grasse, the heartland of perfumery, creating an aroma similar to a field of roses. Slender and majestic, thanks to the lily and cedar, the perfume takes on sweet accents when in contact with pepper, gradually becoming more delicate like the soft, velvety skin of a fruit.

  • Les Parfums Louis Vuitton

    Discovering distant lands can be a heady experience and with Turbulences we find a narcotic bloom, the tuberose, in a fusion of jasmine petals and slight touch of leather.

  • Les Parfums Louis Vuitton


    Dans la Peau is an infusion of natural leather with the accents of a sweet apricot smell, natural aromas from Grasse jasmine and the Chinese jasmine sombac flower, all enchanted by a choir of musk and narcissus flavour. This blend of fragrances incites the desirable power of travel.

  • Les Parfums Louis Vuitton


    The immensity of nature offers a place to reconnect and get away from life's contemporary distractions, it's a place to feel reborn and truly alive once again. Apogée produces this sensation with an elixir of radiant lily bound with the soothing petals of jasmine, magnolia and rose. Extracted with the strong essence of sandalwood and subtly smoked gaic wood, the scent holds the fresh bouquet of fine stems that rise towards the sky in a placid ascent.

    Contre Moi evokes the strong embrace of two travellers in a sensual burst of unexpected emotions. In his eternal fascination with vanilla, the Maître Parfumeur brings the lustful fragrance to the unknown terrain with an unprecedented freshness. Extracting the warm vanilla aromas of Madagascar and Tahiti, the perfume offers a blend of magnolia, rose and orange blossom petals, while a faint touch of cocoa betrays an aromatic revolt on the senses.

    Exploring the universe around us with all its unknown depths is the ultimate fantasy for the travellers. Matière Noire explores intangible depths through a journey involving dark and sublime wood notes, specifically the sacred realm of patchouli and the oud wood of Laos. The animal notes of the oud intensify this experience with currant overtones and contrasting petals of narcissus and jasmine, in a floral vibration that cuts through the air like a comet.  

    On the other end of the scale Mille Feux is an ode to light that helps make travel such a pleasure, whether it be a ray of sunshine, a starry sky or the northern aurora. To capture this essence Cavallier searched for a colour that would communicate this sensation. During a visit to a Louis Vuitton leather shop he noticed how the craftsmen transformed a raspberry-coloured hide into a purse, while envisioning the bright tones of the leather he came up with the idea of combining the scent of the leather with a blend of berry smells. The final fragrance with white floral notes and osmanthus, blends peach, lily and saffron into the overall composition.

  • The Louis Vuitton Les Parfums collection is for sale, either separately or as a set of minitiatures inside their collector's case, only in store or online at www.louisvuitton.com