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Laurent Mazzone

Unique aromatic experiences

By Jordi Campo 24.02.15

The world of perfumes has fascinated Laurent Mazzone since childhood, analysing and breaking down the most select and refined fragrances in order to create new aromas through his passion for the olfactory universe Mazzone has managed to recreate unforgettable experiences.

His perfume brand, LM Parfums, is recognized in the world of high end fragrances as one of the most unique and striking on the market, an unconventional range of perfumes with unusual sources of inspiration. Inspired by the night sky and its stars over New York city’s Manhattan. Heavenly bodies that suggested the logo for Mazzone’s creations: white on black, a marked passion for fashion, obsession with design and over-use of the finest quality materials.

The entire line of perfumes is flawlessly executed from beginning to end and represents a true reflection of its author’s tastes. A must-have for lovers of genuine luxury. Some of the most noteworthy and sumptuous creations include Noir Gabardine, Sensual Orchid, Patchouly Bohéme and Chemise Blanche.

  • Laurent Mazzone

    Laurent Mazzone, Army of Lovers

  • Laurent Mazzone

    Laurent Mazzone, Black Oud

    The Black Aoud fragrance deserves a special mention, a jet-black elixir, both charismatic and refined that features smoky spiced nutmeg, cumin and incense notes and culminates with agarwood and premier quality Labdanum. Its olfactory foundation includes a mix of vanilla, amber, castor oil, sandalwood and cedar among other natural sources.

    The latest launch Army of Lovers, is the result of two years of research that celebrates the sensual and uncensored thrill of party nights during the summers on the Greek island of Mykonos. A complex composition which bursts into the skin energetically thanks to its base of honey and musk with foundation based on sandalwood, patchouli and cedar moss.

  • Laurent Mazzone


    The range of extracts from Laurent Mazzone perfumes in 100ml is available in select boutiqes from 195 Euros RRP.