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La Femme y L’Homme


  • La Femme y L’Homme, Prada
  • La Femme y L’Homme, Prada


     “La Femme” is an alluring scent that appeals to the emotions. Avoiding the typical approach to perfumery its fragrant trail , a lustful flare, extracts its luminesce flavour from the dew of an exotic flower and of the ylang ylang, an exciting blend of beeswax, vanilla and spikenard. The distillation of vetiver then culminates the solar body, completing and rounding it. On the contrary, Prada’s “L’Homme” embraces the traditional male fragrance of neroli, geranium and patchouli as it unmasks its feminine layers. Iris and amber, the aroma’s two underlying elements, are carefully added, a complement to this exotic exploration, making the blended scent fresh and sensually blissful as well.

Prada’s new fragrances capture the essence of a sensual duo, an aromatic pairing presented within two intertwined vials. Miuccia Prada, diector of Prada explains that the product’s launch has been “an opportunity to create an emphasis on feelings, irrationality and instinct.” Conceived as a journey through time, space and memory, these perfumes, one feminine and the other masculine, blend in a compositional and enriching confection. The aesthetic expression of a relationship based on experimentation and tradition. 

Miuccia Prada worked side by side with Daniela Andrier and Fabio Zambernardi on this collaborative investigation. Prada, for whom “fragrance is pure instinct,” explores new territory within the olfactory universe that widens the brand’s vision of the contemporary man and woman.