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La Basílica Galería

Contemporary jewellery and signature perfumes


The Basílica Galería opened in 2007 in the Gòtic neighbourhood of Barcelona, focused on contemporary jewellery, and now, approaching its tenth anniversary, has recently moved into a new space dedicated also to signature perfume, at Passeig de Gràcia, No. 26.

For the founder, Polish artist Piotr Rybaczek, “perfume is an invisible jewel”, so the niche perfumery would be added to the contemporary jewellery as a natural evolution.

Today, with more than 110 fragrances d'auteur La Basílica Galería is the largest such perfumery space in the world. Its careful selection of firmas – in charge of the perfume-hunter Sebastián Martínez-Olivera, co-director of The Basílica Perfumes Gallery – includes names such as Abel, Agonist, AmorVero, Amouage, Archiste, Blood Concept, Brecourt, Caron, CB I Hate Perfume, Diane Pernet, Goti, Heeley, Hiran Green, Jovoy, La Parfumerie Moderne, Meo Fusciuni ...

  • La Basílica Galería
  • La Basílica Galería


  • La Basílica Galería

    Entrance to La Basílica Galería, in the passage where El Nacional is located

  • La Basílica Galería


    300 sq.m. distributed over two floors, on the first floor, the jewellery is displayed and on the ground floor the niche perfumes, as well as the other exhibition areas elements over La Basílica Galería (furniture, antiques, photography, graphic works, sculptures, handbags and accessories ...).

    The interior design was also created by Rybaczek himself, who was inspired by the history and culture of Barcelona, conveying the idea of entering a timeless space. The walls are painted a green art deco colour, suggested by the date of the building’s construction that accommodates La Basílica Galería. For the columns, the original sky blue has been maintained as well as the Catalan vaults supporting the ceiling. “From the beginning we wanted to play with the contrast between the modern that is on display but wrapped in something old and nostalgic,” says Piotr. At the entrance door two iron figures of modernist dragons have been incorporated, faithful reproductions of those on the terrace of this mansion designed by Gaudí.