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Home warming

Frédéric Malle, Cire Trvdon, Hypsoé, Muji, Tom Dixon, Haute Custom Beauty

By Silvia Micolau 22.01.18

Aromatic candles, high indoor perfumery. They create atmosphere in your home, decorate it and, with its light, make it warm and comfortable. And they accompany you during dinner, when you immerse yourself in the bathtub, in mystical or seduction rituals ... This winter, light a candle!

  • Frédéric Malle

    Fréderic Malle


    Frédéric Malle

    Frédéric Malle gained prestige with his line of perfumes, created by important noses such as Olivia Giacobetti or Jean-Claude Ellena, before entering the universe of fragrances for home. In the image, Russian Nights, composed by Sophia Grojsman, with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, iris and sandalwood that emanate enveloped in a subtle halo of reddish light. On sale at Alfons & Damián.

  • Frédéric Malle


    Cire Trvdon

    The other way around is the case of the oldest chandlery in the world, founded in 1643 and dedicated to making ecclesial candles, which has just presented a collection of perfumes under the brand Trvdon. Abd el-Kader, who pays tribute to the figure of the leader of the Algerian resistance against the French occupation, smells like mint tea, and comes in a glass of hand-blown glass from the Tuscany. On sale at Azul Tierra.

  • Cire Trvdon



    This brand, whose name is the anagram of hysope (hyssop), a perennial Mediterranean aromatic plant, has a wide catalog of candles and among them, Bad Boy, a combination of thyme, lavender, cedar and sandalwood. The aluminum can can be used or hidden, in wooden, cork or stone candle holders. On sale at Ballut.

  • Hypsoe



    Do you miss a fireplace? Log Fire is your candle to reproduce the olfactory memory of burning wood: smoked wood with an earthy touch. There are other winter aromas available such as spiced apple compote or cinnamon and tangerine. On sale at Muji.

  • Muji candles


    Tom Dixon

    Royalty is reminiscent of tea time with a cup of Earl Gray tea accompanied with scones, or driving home in a Bentley '52 with cracked leather seats. It comes in a nickel container with lid / marble support. It is part of the Eclectic collection together with London and Orientalist, with copper and brass candle holders respectively. On sale at Doméstico Shop e-shop.

  • Tom Dixon candle


    Haute Custom Beauty

    The spa Haute Custom Beaury Institute, located in the Casa Amatller (Passeig de Gràcia, 41, 1-2 A), has conceived with its aroma a candle baptized with the name of La Barcelonesa. Handmade with essences of fresh herbs and dried leaves from the forests of Catalonia, it has a high concentration of perfume (12%). The metal container, featuring emblematic buildings of the city, has been made by a local illustrator. When the wick is lit, a light seems to light in the windows of all of them.

  • Haute Custom Beauty candle