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H&M + Flax&Kale à Porter

The Swedish brand's new flagship store in BCN


H & M's new flagship store, the first in Spain, made up of four floors, brings together its entire collection (clothing, accessories, make-up, and lastly, home decor), along with a gastronomic space dedicated to the local 'flexiteriana' restaurant, Flax & Kale.

H & M's emblematic location, in the Edificio Generali on the corner of Passeig de Gràcia and Gran Via, includes approximately 5,000 sq.m., making it one of the largest chain store flag ship shops in the world.

  • H&M + Flax&Kale à Porter

    Image of the Flax&Kale restaurant within the H&M shop

  • H&M + Flax&Kale à Porter


    With an interior design that is inspired by public places such as art galleries and museums, and even including some outdoor spaces, the flagship store has recreated an array of different ambiences to enhance the shopping experience. The materials used to accentuate the clothes display at this new H&M are wood, marble, glass and mirrors, all detailed with a steel or leather finishing touch, among others. In addition, the greenery, as well as the white, black, dark green and cognac colour palette, have added a natural texture to the shop's sleek interior.

  • H&M + Flax&Kale à Porter


    The women's collection welcomes Trend, with the latest fashion trends; Modern Classic, with the basics that'll never go out of style, and Logg, for the relaxed look using quality fabrics, along with other areas such as the maternity space, H & M + (large sizes), a men's section, teen fashion, children's wear, a sports line, lingerie, accessories and cosmetics, while there are objects and textiles for the domestic sphere as well.

  • H&M + Flax&Kale à Porter


    Local restaurant group Flax & Kale occupies a 200 sq.m. space located on the second floor, the interior design is by Francesc Pons in collaboration with health food advocate Teresa Carles, who also manages the original Flax & Kale (C/ Talleres 74B), Teresa's Juicery, Teresa's Stairway to Health and Teresa Carles Vegetarian Cuisine as well. The meeting of fashion and Flax & Kale is a logical extension of the increasing interest in healthy eating. Flax & Kale à Porter offers ready-to-eat-on-site and take-away food options that include vegan cakes, made without any refined sugar, healthy reinterpretations of the Pink Panther and Phoskitos, now known as the Pink Lady and Moskito, cold pressed juices, smoothies, served with lactose-free vegetable milks, raw granola, raw gluten-free wraps, whole grain bread sandwiches, fresh salads and several hot dishes.

  • H&M + Flax&Kale à Porter

    H&M home

    In its commitment to sustainability and reduction of waste, and with the idea that recycling the old will acquire a new meaning, H&M also launched a used clothing collection in 2013, of any brand no matter state it was in, all over the world, where the general public could bring along old clothing and place them into store bins, giving used materials a second life. For each bag of donations, customers were rewarded a 5 Eur. coupon off the next purchase of 30 Eur. or more. The campaign results have been very successful with more than 40,000 tons of clothing donated globally, and 3,262,841 kg were collected in Spain let alone. With all of these clothes, more than one million garments were made from 20% of the recycled cotton. In addition, each kilo of clothing was collected and donated to a local NGO, where in Spain, more than 64,000 Eur. was donated to Action against Hunger, an international, non-profit and non-government organization.

  • H&M + Flax&Kale à Porter

    The facade of the H&M flagship store, Gran Via con Passeig de Gracia

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