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Guillerm Rodríguez


By David Herráez, fotos/photos; Carlos Moreno 29.01.15

Right now Guillem Rodríguez is probably the youngest designer to have made an impression at the 080 Barcelona Fashion. Born and raised in Barcelona, his Manifesto collection encompasses the art world featuring abstract 'prints', neat and contemporary silhouettes and bold combinations of high-tech fabrics. After being named as best young designer in Spain back in April at the ANDE awards it appears that this is just the beginning of a long trajectory and that we’ll be hearing a lot more to come about him.

Guillem trained at the BAU school of fashion. The next we heard about him was when he won first prize at the 2013 edition of ModaFAD with his Romantycs collection. In January of 2014 he participated for the first time at 080 Barcelona Fashion, representing ModaFAD, with Vulnerable a very charming collection where the models were presented as gentlemen from a bygone age, romantics and simpletons, a little shy and very neat. In July he presented Manifesto his second collection and the first with which Guillem participated as a designer at 080 selected by the jury, where he wowed audiences and critics alike.

  • Guillerm Rodríguez
  • Guillerm Rodríguez

    Guillem Rodríguez, Manifesto SS 2015 - Painted leather dress


    Taking a closer look at this latest collection some adjectives immediately come to mind such as: artistic, romantic, diverse, strong, new age, neat... Guillem presents us with the perfect blend between hand-painted textiles, dyed leathers in various colours and delicate fabrics like pleats making for both an interesting and striking combination. Deconstructed garments, modernized classic patterns and some no less interesting accessories such as the very unique Brazilian gemstone earrings are some of the key ciphers of this collection. After reviewing Manifesto we look forward to seeing equally energetic upcoming collections with the almost imperceptive subtle delicacy that we have come to love.

  • Guillerm Rodríguez

    Guillem Rodríguez, Manifesto SS 2015 - Waterproof top and asymetric coat

  • Guillerm Rodríguez

    Guillem Rodríguez, Manifesto SS 2015 - Tricolour trousers and top

  • Guillerm Rodríguez

    Guillem Rodríguez, Manifesto SS 2015 - Painted top

  • Photography: Carlos Moreno
  • Realization: David Herraez
  • Make-up and Hair: Miriam Lobe (Creatival)
  • Model: Dimytri (Sight)
  • Acknowledgments: Golden Studio