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Good Girl

Carolina Herrera

  • Good Girl, Carolina Herrera

The most daring and provocative declaration of intent from the label to date. With Good Girl the House of Herrera takes a confident step forward to illustrate how femininity and power can go hand in hand. Good Girl is an ultra-feminine fragrance that the creative director of the brand’s perfume division Carolina Herrera de Baez, has dedicated more than four years.

To begin with the bottle has been given a very unusual shape, a midnight blue coloured smoked crystal shoe shape, with a very high and exaggerated golden heel, making a clear reference to the power modern women today, and also incorporate a surprising technology: the scent is diffused through a sophisticated sprayer, thanks to a complex system of internal pressure that needed more than six hundred in-house tests to obtain a mechanical function compatible with the unique and unusual design.


Developed by the renowned perfumer Louise Turner, Good Girl the fragrance juxtaposes surprising and rare ingredients. The sweet and seductive qualities of jasmine provide the luminosity while the darker notes are provided by a fragrant cocoa and intoxicating tonka. Almond and coffee bring vibrant accents while the essential oil spikenard, that has been extracted in an unusual way give a rich delicacy to the perfume. What Turner describes as the “joker”, that provides the fluidity and femininity.  Photographed by Mario Testino the campaign features his muse model Karlie Kloss, who embodies the sensuality and mystery as well as intelligence and grace, typical of a good girl.