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Aromatic Fire

By Jaume Vidiella Photography Roberto Ruiz 03.01.13

The habit of perfuming the spaces around us is in fact an ancestral act dating back millenia connected with hygiene and liturgical influences, it has always provided a sensory pleasure. A subtle way of transforming the domestic realm into a stimulating space charged with memory and fantasy. 

  • 'Spiritus Sancti' by Trudon available at: The OutpostLa Comercial

    During the Pitti Fraganze, the world’s most important fair for signature perfumes celebrated last September in Florence, it was quite apparent that although home fragrances are sometimes eclipsed by the world of perfumes it is nonetheless an important part of the business of sybaritic olfactory experience. 

    One of the world’s oldest candle making firms located in Paris was founded in 1643, Trudon is an icon of the scented candle manufacturers. With its royal endorsement (beyond the mere aristocratic) that supplied the courts of none other than Louis XIV through to Napoleon (including Marie Antoinette) its aromas are dense and heavy evocative of chilling moments of royal patronage of the past: The Sun King, Trianon, Empire, Mademoiselle de la Vallière, Revolution, etc.,…This concept of noble heritage has been recreated, half fact and half fiction by other firms such as Met et Len, D.L.&Co. or Linari which have conferred the candle with luxury object status: porcelain glasses, illustrious names written in gold or embossed artistically, typical of old European grandeur. 

    Other companies make the case for simple traditional aromas, which have been refined and improved: lemon, rose, lily and vanilla by Carthusia, an approach also reflected by Carrière Frères Industrie which commercialise aromas such as cotton flower, basil, as well as tomato and Chinese Iitchi within an attractive glass with botanic prints. With The Hype Noses range they have expanded upon this 'gourmet' concept, with the sugary aromas of Viennese bread, toffee and chocolate. Oliver & Co. the Madrid based firm, supply candles evoking fresh air and wellbeing using highly modern techniques that smell of fig pulp, henna and even tobacco. Also from Madrid the classic cologne Álvarez Gómez is recreated in candle version, along the lines of the other Italian classic Aqua di Parma, which also features a great variety of candles recalling antique cologne water essences.

    If we consider the more 'artistic' options there are some genuinely cult objects available on the market like those of mythical firm Fornasetti, whose home ware goods are simply wonderful, with the idea of the Renaissance as reinterpreted by the metaphysical engravings so typical of this multidisciplinary artist. Another interesting option is the progressive modernity of Parisian firm Diptyque, possibly one of the best known, always accompanied by the progressive French spirit of the 68 student protests together with the Swedish firm Byredo, with remarkable names including: Candy Darling, Peyote Poem and Loose Lips. 

    And to finish off this review the idea of scented candles has also been adopted by the most famous fashion houses, the more sophisticated of whom know that their fans can never have enough of their fragrances: Comme des Garçons 2, Prada’s Infusion d´Iris, Gucci’s Flora, Balenciaga’s L´Essence all have their combustible versions. Even the air we beathe nowadys can have a cuting edge feel.

  • 'Ernesto', by Trudon (available at The OutpostLa Comercial Casa); 'Rosa', 'Limone', 'Mughetto' by Carthusia (available at Santa Eulalia); 'Fleur de Cotton' by Carrière Frères Industrie (available at www.carrierefreres.com); 'Fornasetti Candela Profumata' by Fornasetti Profumi (available at Santa Eulalia, La Comercial Casa); 'Calla Art Collection' by Linari (available at www.linari.com); 'Nº XIX Cambodia.a' by Mad & Len (available at La Comercial Casa); 'Tree House', 'Bohemia', 'Candy Darling' by Byredo (available at La Comercial Casa); 'Tabacle', 'Fig Pulp', 'Henolia' by Oliver & Co. (available at www.oliverandco.es); 'White Gold', 'Black Gold' by D.L.&Co. (available at La Comercial Casa); '34 Boulevard Saint Germain' by Diptyque (available at La Comercial Casa); 'Wrath', 'Lust', de Modern Alchemy (available at La Comercial Casa); 'Infusion d´Iris Scented Candle' by Prada (available at Prada Barcelona); 'Comme des Garçons 2 Scented Candle' (available at The OutpostNoténom).