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Fred Perry A-W 2013: Young & British

By Ariana Ruglio 18.10.13

Tradition and authenticity come together in the latest collection from Fred Perry this autumn. With a studied historical mood and clearly inspired by British youth culture, the firm returns to its roots with Authentic collections, for both men and women as well as the Authentic & Twisted Wheel capsule collection for men.

Inspired by Northern Soul and the legendary Twisted Wheel in Manchester, the men’s capsule collection is a nostalgic look at the past and British youth icons of the 60s. Taking the Mod movement as its insignia, whose main goal was to become the king of the dance floor, the firm creates a series of garments using breathable materials such as the double-strip shirt accompanied by the details like the Northern Soul insignia.

Authentic & Twisted Wheel Collection is a modern revision of British youth style that combines aerodynamic tailoring, bright prints, whose colours are inspired by the firm’s historical archive and manufactured pieces: an attractive revision of a classic style.

  • The Authentic collections follow up on this British youth culture inspiration based on a fresh take on its historical archives. The men’s line is steeped in classics reflected in the clothes’ geometric colour patterns and prints, reinterpreted in a modern style adapted to current trends.

  • The knitted wear for the female line is also notable, inspired by handmade garments from the 50’s. After the war it was very normal to knit old fabric patterns, Fred Perry has taken this idea using very specific patterns and designs. Scottish patterns from the island of Fair are the starting point that shape a collection full of turtlenecks and cardigans, creating new iconic pieces.

  • Natural wool form the Aran Islands in Ireland, are key to this collection and, through a golden autumnal palette, they create unique clothes. The coats and parkas, sixties inspired, have structured lines and vintage prints that make the collection a must-have for vintage wear fashionistas.

    With a cultural and historical accent and a powerful style, Fred Perry has created a collection for lovers of the past who are also anchored in the present.