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El Colmillo de Morsa

By Jaume Vidiella photography Pelagio Armenta 03.01.13

    One of the best things about creative arts studios apart from the obvious educational aspects, is the chance to meet people who share the same sensibility and ideas. In the case of fashion there have been many designer partnerships who have met in class. If making friends is the easy part finding a creative kindred soul with whom to start a business is much less common, in Barcelona however some of the best known fashion initiatives have come about under these very circumstances; Sapastor, El Delgado Buil, Cardona Bonache … The baton has been passed on to a new generation of Barcelona designers with this project from Jordi Espino and Elisabet Vallecillo who under the name El Comillo de Morsa have been creating collections for men and women since 2009. 

    Two separate personalities come together with this project where the emotive and the sentimental are brought together with a fashion concept that avoids mere trends and instead searches out a longer lasting approach, beautiful clothes that can be combined with one another, that balance the designed piece with the idea of staple wardrobe basics (those pieces that are worn again and again for years and years). Their work is highly focused on the detail, the selection of fabrics, always of outstanding quality, normally working with traditional textures like wool for the men’s wear, light silk for women. The silhouette hints at the minimalism that recalls the late 80s fluid forms with lots of movement, also reminiscent of some outstanding Spanish designers of this period like Roser Marcé or Adolfo Domínguez. Added to this are the vibrant prints, one of their favourite devices, familiar motifs de-contextualised, transformed and very special normally stamped on light silk: large aloe leaves, marble and terrazzo textures and some delightful fish motifs for the Summer 2013 collection.

    Their career to date has been short but intense, several presentations on the national and international stage which have established a fan base, their clothes are available in numerous outlets at home and abroad, as well as having been commissioned to create the uniforms for an airline company: Volotea. This duo is just taking off!

  • Styling: Carlos Marrero. Hair & Make up: Sandro Nonna. Models: Bruno and Irina (UNO Models). Agradecimientos / Thanks YESH Estudio