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Camper, Winter 2016-17

Of yore


The Winter 2016-17 Camper collection revolves around the concept of anachronisms and takes on a line of saturated colours inspired by the golden era of European royalty, another recreates Medieval battles with their reliefs in stone and armour while a third is impregnated with prehistoric aesthetic and sporty influences.

The Kings collection for women, which takes its references from the costume of King Louis XIV as well as liturgical garments, includes Fidelia, flat or moccasin (the latter with re-moveable bow) and Wilma, flat or boot, characterized by its striking elevated soles. Both the nubuck and fine leather versions come in monochromatic tones. For men, Fidelius which was the secret password used in the film Eyes Wide Shut and now the name for a line that refers to the sumptuous interiors of clandestine societies. A classic nubuck shoe incorporating a covered wedge.

  • Camper, A/W 2016-2017
  • Camper, A/W 2016-2017

    Armours, Wilma Extreme

    Armours re-imagines the Medieval Period; for men Beluga and Gorka, two urban skater models that combine elegance and protection. Its black and blue tones featuring minimalist detailing give Beluga an air of sophistication, while Gorka is a hybrid sneaker. For women Joan of Arc is the inspiration n its use of satin that brings a touch of sensuality to the voluminous silhouette of Wilma and Wilma Extreme.   

  • Camper, A/W 2016-2017

    Camper, Fidelia

  • Camper, A/W 2016-2017

    Camper, Dino Rex

    And finally Dino which brings together details such as the typical boot serrated soles or the men’s hiking shoe Rex, which recalls the jaws of a dinosaur. And the Wilma daring boots and extreme sandals, made from leather and high-tech materials, and a striking sole made up of two pieces of rubber that mimic the leg of the extinct reptiles. Both feature acid like colours.

  • Camper, A/W 2016-2017

    Camper, Beluga Armours