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Black Gold Kings. Krizia Robustella

By Juan Montenegro 31.01.13

Last Monday January 28th Krizia Robustella, one of the most edgy and alternative designers on the local scene, kicked off Barcelona fashion week presenting her AW 2013-2014 collection outside the official 080 Barcelona Fashion event calendar. True to the philosophy of the label with 'Black Gold Kings' Krizia reaffirms her commitment to 'sport deluxe' as well as her extravagant and fun approach to clothing for men and women.

  • Photo: Dizzi Diaz

    Although the name of the collection already gives us a heads up, tell us more about Black Gold Kings. About the inspiration behind the collections, the main ideas containedm the work and the fabrics ...
    Black Gold Kings is inspired by two very different worlds, on the one hand Arab sheiks and on the other western rappers both however lovers of luxury, cars, money and general bling. It’s about excesses and riches. Another reference would be the video for MIA’s Bad Girls as well as the film The Dictator and images of the necklaces made from the logos of Mercedes-Benz as worn by American rap artists, all of that mixed up in a cocktail with Pau Sampera prints who has understood perfectly the irony behind deluxe sports wear which characterises the label.

    The coloured fabrics, the XXL accessories, the sporty feel and Hip Hop aesthetic have provided a constant in your work which is still there. What have you let go of and what have you retained with this collection, and why?
    Yeah, we always try to hold onto the label’s core values with each new collection, but equally each collection has its own themes, colours, fabrics... all different, we have to maintain the overall style. For some time now we have kept the collections small, aimed at sales, pieces that work and that our customers will buy, this collection includes new prints, fabrics and a more up to date feel. We have stopped producing the more complicated pieces just for the catwalk, with their impossible cuts that were very difficult to sell after.

    Which are your preferred pieces or the more special ones?
    The long printed shirts and the gold bomber jackets.

    Why did you choose the Centro Aragonés, right in the heart of the Raval as your venue for presenting the collection?
    We were invited to a party there last November and we loved it, deep ‘Spain’ with lots of wood, the stage area with its purple velvet curtains... we thought it was the perfect place to present this specific collection. We like presenting within a context where the background, the music and the place etc. all come together,

    What have been the main advantages and disadvantages presenting the collection in parallel with 080 Barcelona Fashion?
    We like the fact that we are presenting during the same week as the 080 Barcelona, we like that people make a connection even if it is 'off' the main event, but we have in the past presented at 080 and the memories we have are good ones. More than anything we try not to clash with any event but it’s not easy to find a space, we normally do it the day before or on this occasion a few hours before the official beginning.

  • Photo: Dizzy Diaz

  • Black Gold Kings, AW 2013-14. Photo:Llidia Juvanteny

  • Krizia Robustella collections are available at:
    KR Store
    Shop / Showroom / Studio
    C. Montsió, 6  08002 Barcelona