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Andres Sarda

F/W 2016-17


Cinnamon, ginger, wasabi and cassia are at the inspiration behind four collections designed to emphasize the beauty of the female body, combining hedonism and elegance through a sybarite selection of fabrics.

With Cinnamon, the premium quality materials and the careful attention to pattern create a collection where fantasy goes hand in hand with the functional. The floral Leavers lace and the tulle, both of which are elasticated, are combined in the garments with seamless micro-fibre so that the pieces fuse together with the silhouette avoiding any visible lines on outer wear. Details like satin straps with applications of Swarovski crystals are integrated into the vintage feel of the pieces with Victorian pink and black as the colours of choice. The designs strategically reveal areas of the body thanks to the application of the tulle putting in value its beauty.

  • Andres Sarda
  • Andres Sarda


    The collection presents a wide variety of creations designed to meet the needs of the modern women and their different shapes. A range of fits that in the upper parts opt for a triangular support and balconet, with large capacity with padded option, the push up. For the panties, the line features more skimpy models, such as the thong with side bows decorated with Swarovskis, smooth boxer in front and with a fantasy of tulle and lace embedded in the back, or the culotte at waist with fantasy bow in the back. A proposal that is completed with a sophisticated microfiber nightgown.

  • Andres Sarda


    Ginger alludes to luxurious materials, gorgeous details and functional aesthetics. The pieces feature elastic Leavers lace next to an especially touch to the soft delicate tulle of micro-fibre make made by applying craft techniques. The lace wraps necklines and tops in the upper parts and waists with panties featuring a sensual trompe l'oeil effect that reveals the body and creates a bandeau effect on the seamless bras.

    The colour palette innovates in the neutral range with its new version of the nude, adding a pearly shade, moon rock, grey and brown synthesis, which will blend with different skin tones, and the blueberry tone foil as an alternative to classic black. Regarding the details, waists and satin straps are finished with luxurious metallic clasp applications in gold colour and the moon rock version of the collection is contrasted by combining the suspenders in sienna.

    The universe of garments is completed with a bra with back decorated with a strip of lace and side closure, and an embroidered lace bodysuit with back in tulle designed to stylize the silhouette.

  • Andres Sarda


    With Wasabi, the tulle, embroidered lace with its tattoo effect and the mesh are the defining features of a collection of refined lines expressed in a palette that uses blacks and strawberry pinks, each of them in total look. The richness of the fabrics and studied fits moulds the silhouette emphasizing the most sensual aspect of the tradition of high lingerie that is the firm’s signature.

    The collection comes in two versions: one where the principal materials are combined in various models of bra and panties, and a second option gives flight to the imagination fly with a mesh that dematerialises the especially low cut Shell Bra and coulotte inspirited by Gaine with a matching garter belt. A universe of fetishistic garments that is completed with a corset-like body.

  • Andres Sarda


    Cassia is made from Chantilly lace beloved of high fashion houses and Lyon silk. The silk, which is elasticated, allows the designs to adapt to the body like a second skin for any body shape, enveloping them with one of the most seductive materials of the lingerie tradition.

    Design is another of the collections’ strong features where the different pieces hug the silhouette and the anatomy with studied precision.

  • Andres Sarda


    The palette oscillates between the deep black with Brodé midnight blue lace application and the red sienna and purple. The detailing includes silk cross straps over the central part and fasteners of elastic gauze at the ends of the satin straps for comfortable. The collection is completed with a very low-cut balconet model and  matching chain jewellery set designed to combine with other pieces or be worn over clothes on special occasions.

  • Andres Sarda


    And finally Eden the line of Andres Sarda essentials that evolves into a new chromatic range, the collection which is added to each season is an established label classic. This time exploring the more sensual side of the colour spectrum with two daring combinations: one vintage feeling with handmade ivory Leavers lace applied on black elastic gauze and another more luminous in red sienna against a precious tourmaline tone.

    The designs aim to meet the needs of the modern women of different body types including under-wire models, bandeau and triangular with push-up padded options for bras; And for the panties, sophisticated models ranging from the mini thong to the boxer. A collection conceived to integrate with Cassia, its most luxurious collection, that it compliments naturally.