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We Pop!

Four days only

By Brian Gallagher 29.01.14

The original, iconic and traditional favourite national tapa Los Banderillos meet pop-up restaurant within the basement of the Magatzem Escolà located in the Born neighbourhood at C. Comercial 13. We Pop! presents an alternative aperitif consisting of a combination of Bombas, Lagartos y Cohetes together with a choice of vodka based cocktails including Bloody Mary, Vodka Gimlet and Martini Mango. Kike Martínez, founder of  Bombas, Lagartos y Cohetes de Vallekas joins forces with mixologist Joao Eusebio from Magatzem Escolà. We Pop! is open from 6PM daily till late for four days only from today Jan 29th till Saturday Feb 1st .

Coinciding with the 080 Fashion Week taking place at the Espai Born all eyes are focused on this neighbourhood right now. So customers should be advised to get there early. The banderillas can be bought individually or alternatively We Pop! Offers three formulas which can be bought online (which also guarantees a table), individually, for two or groups. Magatzem Escolà is an off-licence shop dedicated to the sale and promotion of wines, liquors and spirits aiming to act as a link between named brands and the professionals working in the hospitality sector. The basement area has been especially decorated for the We Pop! event using Santa & Cole lighting installations with table seating and a stand-up area.

  • Bombas, Lagartos y Cohetes de Vallekas
  • Bomba Jamon (ham)

  • Bomba Mejillón (mussle)

    Bombas consist of gordal olives sourced from Andalucia (fleshy with an intense flavour) combined with Iberian ham or pork with cheese, lacón (dried ham) with paprika, octopus, anchovies or anchovy fillet, marinated mussels etc.

  • Lagarto Bonito

    Lagartos are pickled gherkins (sourced from La Rioja), stuffed with tuna and red pepper, salmon, cod and anchovies, decorated with chives and green or black olives.

  • Cohete Cangrejo (crab)

  • Coheto Huevo (egg)

    Cohetes consist of quail eggs with anchovy, chilli, fresh and dried tomatoes, olives, marinated vegetables, smoked herring ...

  • From 29 January to 01 February
  • Magatzem Escolà
  • C. Comercial 13, 08002 Barcelona
  • www.escoladist.com