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Lunch, brunch & doughnuts


A new eatery offering no-fuss food, healthy snacks and cakes accommodated within a sober bright and inviting interior located on the corner of Aribau with Rosseló at the epi-centre of Barcelona’s defining neighbourhood. The chaflans (or chamfers) of Barcelona’s Eixample district still fulfil their function almost 150 years after their construction, providing a breathing space and a place where café and restaurants can take advantage of the light and air within this dense area of the city. This then is the perfect location for Travel&Cake (with outdoor and indoor seating) the latest gastronomic offering from the people behind Cup&Cake and Brunch&Cake which is based on the same formula;  a hipster café serving quality fresh salads with own recipe doughnuts and excellent quality coffee. Lunch or brunch at a very reasonable 10 Euros open from 9.30 am through 9.00 pm daily.

The name Travel&Cake refers to a forty day road trip around the States researching all things sweet and delicious in the cradle of Silicon valley (see their facebook page for details but not on an emty stomach as there are numerous photos and videos featuring some highly irresistible cakes and desserts). An ongoing project the house speciality has to be the baked low calorie doughnuts with a variety of toppings as well as the in-house coffee blend produced specially by El Magnifico (including varieties from El Salvador, Ethiopia, Brazil and Guatamala). 

  • A selection of the cakes at Travel&Cake

  • The specially made doughnuts which are baked