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Top 6 Catalan Craft Breweries & their beers


With the arrival of Spring and the Summer hot on its heels we look forward to the changes to our routine, putting away winter clothes, taking the double ply duvet off the bed and perhaps putting away the red wine and rediscovering summer beverages like beer. There has been an explosion of creativity in the brewing sector over recent years with imaginative and exciting new products being launched regularly by craft breweries. Beer events like the upcoming Barcelona Beer Festival (from April 11th through 13th) are great ways of finding out about both local and international beers. As a preview to warmer weather here we present our selection of top Catalan beers brewed locally guaranteeing freshness and sustainability, the list has been suggested by La Cerveteca (Carrer d’En Gignàs 25, 08002 Barcelona) and Maridame (Carrer Santaló 1, 08021Barcelona). Reviewed in alphabetical order these beverages invite further investigation!

  • Ales Agullons


    #01 Ales Agullons, www.masia-agullons.com

    Pura Pale

    Single malt pale ale (Pale) with a mixture of hops including Fuggles and Cascade varieties. Made using a simple infusion. Best enjoyed with both meat and fish.

    Bruno Pale Ale

    A double malt beer, Pale and Crystal that gives it its color and flavour. Mix of hops including Cascade, Fuggles and Challenger. Best served with red meats and game.

    Runa Brown Ale

    Dark beer three types of malt, Pale, Crystal, Chocolate and Roasted Barley unmalted, this combination makes it a toast but without being a dark beer. Hops are the variety of Northern Brewer and Fuggles. Marida meats and desserts made with chocolate.

  • Setembre Ales Agullons


    Mixed fermentation, contains Pura Pale with Lambic. Aged in oak barrels, a seasonal beer made just once during the year. Best before meals, together with strong cheese, olives and any kind of seafood or fish.

  • AS Cervesa


    #02 AS CERVESAS, www.ascervesa.com

    AS de Cors (corazones)

    Weizen Beer, Blonde wheat, deep yellow in colour with soft, malty notes and hints of wheat. Balanced and very refreshing character.

    AS de Piques (picas)

    IPA, Indian Pale Ale with citrus nuances and the elegance of the English hops with a touch of a rogue American Centennial dry hopping.

    AS de Trèvols (tréboles)

    Russian Imperial Stout. Single Simcoe hops with smooth malt aromatic notes resembling liquorice. Subtle roasted malt overtures together with definite nuances of the Simcoe hops.

  • Barcelona Beer Company
  • Cerdos Voladores


    #03 Barcelona Beer Company, www.barcelonabeercompany.com

    Cerdos Voladores

    India Pale Ale. Highly aromatic with lots of hops, Cerdos Voladores (Flying Pigs) is inspired by the three little pigs of the nursery rhyme.

  • BeerCat
  • Barcelona Blonde


    #04 BeerCat, www.beercatbarcelona.com

    Barcelona Blonde

    Pale Ale. Described as an homage to Catalonia. A pale ale full of hops, made with Maris Otter & Barley and flavoured with Citra hops and Galena. Refreshing and cool with a bitter finish. Best enjoyed with white fish, chicken or pizza.

  • Cervezas Guinea Ca l'Arenys
  • Guineu Mob Barley


    #05 Cervezas Guineu - Ca l`Arenys, www.calarenys.com

    Guineu Mob Barley

    Very dark brown with transient pale beige foam. Aroma of roasted malts, toffee, chocolate and burnt brown sugar. Tastes of malt, caramel, sweet chocolate and alcoholic beverages. Soft on the palate well balanced. Sweet and alcoholic finish with notes of coffee.

  • Guineu Dr Calypso

    Dr. Calypso

    American Pale Ale. Using wild hops. With a very intense hops aroma. Mild flavour in the beginning with a very bitter and astringent lingering aftertaste. Hazy orange colour slightly carbonated.

  • Vic Ale Ipa
  • Vic Ale Ipa


    #06 Vic Brewery, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vic-brewery/

    Vic Ale IPA

    Powerful Indian Pale Ale. Aromatic, citric, floral, resinous. Sour principi to fi. És ideal qui per cervesa looking uniques experiences.