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Top 10 Terraces

10 of the best

By Brian Gallagher 07.06.13

The summer has finally arrived and with it the chance to eat and drink outdoors, there is simply nowhere better to do so in Barcelona than the numerous terraces that come into their own during the warmer weather. Whether they be located on the streets, its rooftops or parks everything just tastes better in the great outdoors. Increasingly the city’s hotels provide some of the best options for sampling Barcelona’s terraces (mostly on their rooftops) with their laid back gastronomic offering, cocktails, panoramic vistas, music and shimmering pools. The best time to visit is undoubtedly at sunset when the temperatures calm down and the city is painted with a palette of tenuous golden light reflected by the Mediterranean Sea and its clear blue and indigo skies. B-Guided’s recommendation this summer for natives and visitors alike is to catch the nearest lift, get off at the roof terrace, order a cocktail take in the view and surrender yourself to the Barcelona night.