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Restaurante ‘Cafè 1907’, Winter Menu

By Brian Gallagher 24.01.13

Eating at Café 1907 is like stepping back into an perfectly preserved example of what quality Catalan food was like before figures like Ferán Adria, Santi Santamaria and Carme Ruscalleda changed it forever with their innovative techniques and creative inventions, which themselves were based on the established traditions and influences of French haut cuisine and local gastronomic customs. The third generation of his family at the helm of Café 1907 Xavier Sala learned his craft within its kitchen, the style is traditional; Mediterranean and market cuisine, rich French sauces combined with classic Italian dishes. The seasonal approach is reflected in the changing menu over the course of the year that features available fresh produce and nourishing cuisine that the lower temperatures and scarcity of daylight require; standout dishes on the winter menu include the Burrata served with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, Clay-pot Grillled Leeks with Romescu sauce (the clay pot is broken at the table in front of diners, the leeks are protected by alcohol and leaves), Fresh pasta Raviolis filled with home made Foie Mi-Cuit served with vanilla flavoured Apple Confit, Solomillo Geneva Café de Paris style Sirloin Steak  (locally sourced veal), Organic Pyrenees ‘Bruneta’ Veal Tartare (prepared to customer’s taste) and Monkfish and seafood Cannelloni.

Xavier has been interested in growing vegetables since he was a boy, well before the Km0 phenomenon Café 1907 sourced its own ingredients from local market gardens within the extended family ownership. Café 1907 is also unique in that it has its own space at the Barceloneta fish market the quality and freshness of the raw materials harks back to a time when quality food was simply taken for granted. Organic produce includes tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, artichokes, leeks and a wide variety of aromatic herbs used generously here. The service at Café 1907 is also noteworthy for its high standards and attentive staff who are well informed regarding all aspects of provenance and preparation again recalling a previous era with its attention to detail.

  • Cream of potimarrion (type of pumpkin) with truffle

    Restaurante 'Cafe 1907'

  • Geneva Café de Paris style Sirloin Steak  (locally sourced veal)

    Accommodated within a typical ‘modernista’ style 19th C building of the Tibidabo / Collserola area which is also the family home, its ground floor is occupied by the restaurant with the bar and seating areas connected with a small external terrace accommodating three tables under a metal pergola and lots of vegetation. During the winter months a welcoming fire is lit at the entrance leading to a dining room that has not changed substantially in more than 60 years, featuring vernacular moulded plasterwork, timber dado and white marble flooring typical of so many traditional interiors that have little by little become almost extinct over the years. The walls are decorated with iconic French film posters and album covers from legends including Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf who also feature in the musical selection which accompanies the service. Back in 1981 the house was featured in the feature film ‘La Plaça del Diamant’, an adaptation of Mercè Rodoreda’s book starring Catalan actress Silvia Munt.

  • The period decoration of the dining area oozes authenticty

    For anyone who wants an introduction to the Café 1907 gastronomic offering there is a 28 Euros midday lunch menu featuring a selection of evening menu dishes. Open everday for lunch and dinner except Sundays.

  • Clay-pot Grillled Leeks with Romescu sauce

  • Monkfish and seafood cannelloni.


  • Burrata served with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

  • Charming and planted terrace with three tables

  • All the desserts on the menu are home made

  • Restaurante 'Cafè 1907'
  • C. Císter 25, 08022 Barcelona
  • tel, 93 418 4998
  • www.cafe1907.com