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Barcelona’s first ‘Ceviche & Pisco’ Bar

By Brian Gallagher 15.05.14

Barcelona is currently experiencing a love affair with Peruvian cuisine, the Adrià brothers’ Pakta, the Peruvian bistro Tanta belonging to Gastón Acurio and now this latest addition to the evolving Peruvian cuisine scene, The Market Barcelona with the city’s first Ceviche & Pisco Bar, specialising in contemporary Peruvian cuisine with a cocktail bar featuring Pisco inspired cocktails. Located right opposite the emblematic Casa Fuster with a generous terrace seating area on the recently urbanised pavement just at the point where it narrows into Gran de Gràcia.

So why all of a sudden the interest in this South American? The answer lies in the extraordinary richness of its culinary heritage which over the centuries has absorbed influences from neighbouring countries and continents and assimilated them into one of the most varied gastronomic offerings on the planet. Reflecting the diversity and richness of Mexican cuisine, recently declared Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO, Peruvian cuisine is now becoming recognised and admired around the world. The two key figures behind The Market Barcelona are native chef Nicky Ramos and mixologist Patrick Weber, both of whom have worked and been inspired by Barcelona which is combined in a unique way with their Peruvian roots.

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    The Ceviche and Pisco Bar serves dishes based on combination of small gourmet servings of Peruvian cuisine inspired and accompanied by the traditional drink of the Andean country, Pisco from Peru a type of Aguardiente distilled drink made from white grapes. To be savoured at the bar counter as an aperitif or snack between meals.

    The Market Barcelona has put together a variety of gastronomic dishes, more than ten in total ranging from traditional Peruvian cooking to Nikkei (the fusion of Japanese and ancient Peruvian cuisine) to high-end auteur cuisine served at this new addition to Barcelona’s collection of excellent restaurants. The dishes include: Corvina ‘Pisquero’ Ceviche and Tuna with Red Hot Peppers, Nikkei Corvina Tartar (drums fish) with Crispy Seaweed, Tiraditos Ceviche Trio and the Nikkei Portobello Mushroom Ceviche amongst others. Dishes of traditional Peruvian cuisine highlight the 'anticuchos', 'papas a la huancaína', and 'causa limeña' (potato salad that supports different versions, here prepared with chicken and avocado).

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    According to Nicky Ramos the principal aim of The Market’s Ceviche and Pisco bar is to introduce Barcelona to a different way of enjoying traditional Peruvian cuisine as the same time as learning more about a culinary tradition that dates back more than 500 years and which has adeptly integrated changing influences.