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The culinary Artte of Robert Quispe Rojas

Mediterranean and Asian cuisine

By Brian Gallagher 06.03.19

One of the most elegant and polyvalent spaces in Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood Artte is an art gallery, a restaurant, a cocktail bar as well as a live music venue with a regular schedule of performances covering multiple genres. Having opened originally in 2014 part of its gastronomic proposal is inspired by tea, both within the food and drinks menu (including the cocktails). New chef Robert Quispe Rojas introduces an updated culinary approach aimed at ‘afterwork’ and dining, shared dishes and tapas that are ideally enjoyed at one of the musical performances within the exceptional 400 sq.m. venue at the rear which is also the dining space.

The young Peruvian chef, barely 30, based in Barcelona now for some time, has trained in the kitchens of Barcelona’s most celebrated restaurants, Cornelia & Co., Ultramarinos, Ajoblanco, the Mandarin Oriental hotel and Casa Delfín. Robert is a regular visitor to London and likes to keep up to date with the food scene there. His cuisine could be defined as a mix of Mediterranean and Asian culinary culture with meaning and ease. The menu is reassuringly concentrated, easy to understand and clearly annotated with information about intolerances, ingredients, allergies etc. Among the dishes featured in the menu; Tuna tartar with traditional guacamole and crunchy seaweed, Anchovy fillets from the Cantabrian sea, Pals rice with lobster and soft saffron all i oli, Marinated baby squid bao with pickled red onion and Kimchi mayonnaise, Artte hamburger (100% beef) with caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce, parmesan cheese and dill sauce, with a side of fried potatoes or salad.

  • Artte, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine

    Homemade pork and ginger gyozas with gomae sauce and daikon salad

  • Artte, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine

    Tuna tartar with traditional guacamole and crunchy seaweed

  • Artte, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine

    Sauteed vegetables with Thai coconut-curry sauce and tofu dice with kimchi

  • Artte, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine


    The other facet of Artte, the cocktail bar, is located between the entrance area and the performance space, an elegant bar counter with an old fashioned telephone provided at some of the tables, almost a museum piece nowadays. Signature cocktails inspired by the botanical universe, with a special dedication to tea, the menu is divided between cocktails named after musical icons, others with tea like the Fukusa tea cocktail (with matcha tea, air of bergamot, sake base, Martini Extra Dry and notes of elderflower St. Germain), non-alcoholic options as well as punch and sangria.

  • Artte, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine

    Kaffir mirror with pitahaya, cantaloup melon, pineapple, pear and berries


    Monday, closed. From Tuesday to Saturday, from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

  • Artte
  • C/ Muntaner, 83C,
  • 08011 Barcelona
  • Telf. 93 454 90 48
  • www.artte.es