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The Cat Factory

Cultural Pastry & Cakes

By Brian Gallagher 14.11.13

The Cat Factory is a recently opened pastry shop and cultural space that specialises in both these two concepts combined. Located at the heart of one of Barcelona’s most exciting new cultural areas (The Raval) The Cat Factory offers both creative pastry baking and classic homemade cakes. Gourmet baked products with memorable designs offering a customized approach featuring distinctive textures and flavours. All of their cakes and pastries are made to order, they also cater for parties, for film/advertising productions and other events. The cultural aspect of Cat Factory involves the promotion of the arts; introducing new talents, an exhibit space and the organization of festivals.

THE CAT FACTORY serves snacks, breakfasts, afternoon coffee or you can simply buy pastries to take away. It also makes custom decorated cakes (birthdays, weddings, corporate events and parties of all kinds). The shop is a charming space typical of the Raval (where shopkeepers used to live and work within the same space) which has one of the most extraordinary shop display windows in the neighbourhood, impossible to walk past, if nothing else drop by for a coffee and a brownie. The cakes on display in the window are among the most irresistible in the city centre. The baking is all done there adjacent to the shop and exhibition space. Consult social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Foursquare for more detailed information.

  • An interior view of the pastry and cake shop/cultural centre

  • Double brownie with banana cream

  • Oreo cookie icecream

  • Vegan sacher cake

  • The shop is located within the Raval neighbourhood