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Gourmet tapas with character

Por Brian Gallagher 23.10.14

Despite being located on one of the busiest streets of the Born neighbourhood (C/ Montcada, adjacent to the Picasso Museum) with a constant stream of eager tourists passing by Tapeo is a genuine gourmet tapas restaurant pitched at very reasonable price range providing both classic and creative dishes. Inspired by the city markets and their fresh produce Tapeo has been serving excellent food for four years, with over one thousand positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Chef and co-owner Daniel Rueda cooks everything fresh to order and includes a varied menu that also caters to vegetarians and gluten free dietary requirements (almost half of all dishes served). The restaurant is divided into two spaces, a tapas bar with high seating with a view of the open plan kitchen and a separate room with capacity for up to 14 diners which can also be reserved for groups.  

Tapeo includes an eclectic range of options, many inspired by Catalan traditional recipes but with a contemporary touch using market-fresh produce. “It’s a very honest approach to cooking, the spotlight is on the produce with no attempt to conceal it” according to Rueda. The menu includes classic tapas with a creative flourish playing with traditional and more innovative ingredient combinations. One of its distinguishing characteristics is that everything is cooked fresh to order in the kitchen which is in full view of the diners. “My first teacher Josep Bullich taught me the difference between a good chef and a bad one is their capacity to work in the moment” according to Rueda.

  • Tapeo

    Buffalo Burrata with Sliced Tomato

  • Tapeo

    Mollejas (Sweetbreads) with Figs and Mushrooms

    The menu includes Km0 produce from Barcelona’s surrounding fruit and vegetable growing farmlands: Buffalo Burrata with Tomatoes, Sprouts Salad with Parmesan and Fruit, Pear Confit Tapenade with Grilled Leeks and Artichoke Chips. Classic tapas dishes include: "seasoned" Potatoes with Salmon and Wasabi, Veal Sweetbreads with Mushrooms and Figs, Foie Burger served with Mushroom Mayonnaise, fresh Mackerel Marinade and Oxtail with Santa Pau mongetes Mushrooms. Egg tapas: Truffled Eggs with Foie Gras and Mushrooms, Fried Eggs with Black Pudding. Other traditional Catalan tapas include; Sausage Cannelloni with Mushrooms, Catalan style Squid and Cod Esqueixada (shredded salt cod, tomatoes, onions and olive oil). For desserts: Catalan Cream Foam, French Toast Pudding or Creamy Chocolate served on bread with oil and salt.

  • Tapeo

    Catalan style Squid

  • Tapeo

    Oxtail served with reduction

  • Tapeo

    The tapas bar at Tapeo

  • Tapeo

    The rear dining space with individual tables or for groups

  • Daniel Rueda

    Daniel Rueda

    Daniel Rueda is a trained chef from the classic tradition. He began his career at the La Dama restaurant, he later joined the team at Comerç24 after which he was one of the founding members of Tapas24 where he worked as head chef. In 2010, he embarked on his own personal project with the opening of Tapas restaurant with his wife, Natàlia Ferran. For four years offers the tops with more personality Barcelona.


    C. Montcada, 29

     Tlf. 933 101 607

    Tuesday to Sunday from 12 Midday till 4 PM and 7 PM till 12 Midnight