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A taste of Perú in Barcelona

By Silvia Micolau 04.10.12

Gastón Acurio has just opened his first restaurant in Barcelona, the Peruvian bistro Tanta and made the most of his visit to the city in order to present, Perú sabe (within the framework of the Cebiche & Pisco Party) a documentary about his native country’s rich culinary culture and passion for food, filmed during a visit there in the company of Ferran Adrià back in 2011.

Tanta which means bread in the Quechuan language is defined by its Chifa Peruvian food (Chinese-Peruvian), Nikkei Peruvian (Japanese-Peruvian) and Peruvian, made using local products by a team of chefs mostly trained in Perú but resident in Barcelona. The menu includes cebiche (“the art of converting the sea into a citric experience, spicy and refreshing” according to Acurio) and strips of marinated fish, causas (yellow potato with various fillings), anticuchos (served on skewers) and pulgas (mini-sandwiches) among other typical dishes like the ají de gallina (chilli pepper chicken) and the sudado de dorada (fish stew) as well as the national drink -cocktail Pisco Sour. This is the second Tanta on the Iberian Peninsula, Acurio is also the owner of another in Madrid together with Astrid & Gastón located in Lima that brought him international fame.

Acurio’s profile as social leader is easily understood from the Perú sabe. La cocina, arma social documentary which provides clear evidence that food can be used for socio economic development ends. Gastón Acurio guides Ferran Adrià through the coast line, over the mountains and the Amazon region of Perú in search of new flavours and a unique revolution that has been spearheaded by him with 80,000 students of gastronomy where many kids are now growing up wanting to be chefs rather than footballers. This phenomenon is endorsed by influential chefs like René Redzepi, Michel Bras, Massimo Botura, Dan Barber and Alex Atala, it also has knock on effects for farmers, fishermen, exporters and local chefs like Javier Wong of Chez Wong and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino of Malabar, both located in the capital.

Source: Dones Gourmet de Catalunya

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