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Solc, Majestic Hotel & Spa

From the earth

By Brian Gallagher 29.05.18

SOLC, the new culinary proposal from the Majestic hotel is a restaurant of its time, a time when we are more interested in provenance, in quality produce, in the km0 (or Farm to Table) philosophy – and these concepts define the gastronomy at SOLC. Reflected in the name, solc in Catalan mean harrowing a trough for the planting of vegetables and other crops, also suggested by the graphic on the menu and the restaurant interior design with its outdoor terrace and painted vaulted ceilings.

The beginnings of every dish at SOLC can be traced to lands on the Maresme just outside Barcelona where almost all of the vegetables used at SOLC are cultivated. Picked daily so that guests can savour the proper tastes and flavours of the freshest of ingredients. Meaning that automatically the menu at SOLC is a seasonal one, where traditional Catalan cuisine predominates. Including fish and meat dishes, fish is sourced from Barcelona’s fish market and all meat from local providers.

  • SOLC, from the earth
  • SOLC, from the earth

    Kitchen garden served on a plate

    Among the highlights are dishes such as the Anchoa de l'Escala served with seaweed bread, Prat artichoke xhips, Barceloneta shrimp croquettes and Ostra del Delta with celery smoothie and sour apple, among other appetizers.  And for the main courses, Leeks, beans, artichokes, romesco and endive sprouts salad; SOLC rice of the day, Delta de l'Ebre bomba rice; Baby cuttlefish de la Barceloneta in its own ink; Stew of red shrimp and rock fish with saffron gnocchi; Lleida veal sirloin steak tartar served with potatoes soufflé, or the Ral d'Avinyó pork served with pumpkin puree and sage.

  • SOLC, from the earth

    Maresme green beans and pods 'pilpil'

  • SOLC, from the earth

    Lleida veal sirloin steak tartar served with potatoes souffle

  • SOLC, from the earth

    Mareme wild strawberries and diary ice-cream served with almond nut foam

  • SOLC, from the earth

    Finca Can Met, lands belonging to the Majestic


    The SOLC team includes Nando Jubany (who is the assessor for the overall culinary offering at the Majestic), chef Luis Antonio Llamas Torío and head chef David Romero. As well as Pablo Fernández Rodríguez, sommelier who has created a wine pairing for the lunch and dinner menu that includes the Majestic’s own label AA CAU D’EN GENÍS - Cuvée Majestic, cultivated at the Alta Alella winery, at the heart of the Maresme, with which the Sommelier de SOLC sommelier was involved.

  • SOLC, from the earth

    AA CAU D’EN GENÍS - Cuvée Majestic

  • SOLC, from the earth
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