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smoked margarita + tuna ceviche

Fígaro Coctelería, Roger Vilalta

  • smoked margarita + tuna ceviche

A combination of cocktail and tapa inspired by Latin America and presented by Roger Vilalta, Fígaro’s cocktail barman and Javier Alvarez Gallardo the head chef. Prepared using 100% Agave white tequila combined with tuna fish ceviche a dish typically Peruvian in origin (see B-Guided #49 Nikkei cuisine). Roger Vilalta has put together a creative range of signature cocktails for one of the most elegant new cocktail bars in Barcelona. Having learned his trade at Banker’s Bar (Hotel Mandarin Oriental) the secret lies in the strict use of only fresh ingredients and a meticulous control of the small details. Fígaro is pitched at the mid-range price range, the interior design is by Pilar Libano and is noteworthy for its classic and contemporary feel. There is also an external terrace where customers can enjoy a drink in the heart of the ensanche.

Price: 16 Euros (2 euros less before 8 p.m.)

Fígaro Coctelería, C. Muntaner 212  08036 Barcelona