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Smoke signals

Cercle d’Amics adds smoked options to the menu

By Silvia Micolau 15.03.13

This coming April Jani Paasikoski, chef of restaurant Cercle d'Amics, adds a selection of smoked products to the menu, so typical of his native Finland. Jani, who has worked in local kitchens including Via Veneto, El Racó d'en Freixa, Bravo, Dos Cielos, Etapes and the Velódromo has decided to introduce the concept and apply it to local produce. Currently he is testing several dishes; we trust that the machine, a kind of sauna for food, work just fine.

The smoker or savustuslaatikko is an electrical device (sent from Finland by his aunt Teija) and the procedure is relatively straightforward; introducing a tray of alder wood chips, which are bought in his homeland, the smoke generated instigates the process. Jani deposits two sugar lumps above to add colour. The food to be smoked is placed on a top shelf, either whole or in separate pieces. For a portion of smoked salmon (as seen in the photo) the smoker takes about 8 minutes. For a whole salmon 35 minutes are needed. Excessive smoking can dry fish, which is more suited to Nordic tastes, but the Mediterranean preference is more tender.

Incidentally, acidic and citric flavours are the best accompaniments for smoked foods.

Source: Dones Gourmet de Catalunya

  • Smoked mozzarella with marinated tomato and pesto.

  • Smoked salmon with saffron risotto and parsley garnish.

  • Smoked salmon with yogurt, trout’s eggs, dill and scallion.

  • Smoked black pudding with red fruits.

  • Smoked pork ribs. Possible garnish: head lettuce with mild citric allioli.

  • Smoked ice-cream.