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Cool, Tepid and Hot Cuisine

By Brian Gallagher / Photos: Meritxell Arjalaguer 21.05.14

Saboc is a recently opened stylish restaurant located opposite the El Born Centre Cultural on the corner of Comerç and Fusina. Although Barcelona diners can choose from a cosmopolitan array of culinary traditions, endless variations of well established themes from gastronomic excellence to vegan advocacy, Saboc provides something different. Its culinary philosophy is based on temperature, allowing customers the chance to try raw, cool, tepid and cooked dishes.

The idea is to provide an alternative to the hierarchical starter, main and dessert courses whereby people just order freely. The cuisine is based on Mediterranean tradition incorporating influences from other culinary sources, the helpings are neither tapas nor standard restaurant main courses but somewhere in between allowing diners to share.

  • Saboc temperature cuisine Born Barcelona

    View to the Plaça Comecial and El Born CC

    Raw, 20ºC
    Macerated, dried or simply raw food served in fresh and unexpected combinations. Crisp flavours that are mixed in the mouth rather than on the plate. The white fish ceviche, which combines layers of fresh fish, avocado, onion, shrimp and orange. The mozzarella ‘spheres’ with tomato hearts are representative examples of the molecular approach.

  • White fish Ceviche

    Low Temp, 80 ºC
    Taste becomes concentrated retaining the goodness and original nutrients. Customers experience unexpected food textures from familiar ingredients. Eggs cooked at 62 ° C served with potato ‘foam’ and crispy ham is one of Saboc’s highlights. Another would be the steak cooked over twelve hours at 70 ° C served with banana and sweet potato chips, surprisingly tender and retaining its juices.

  • Eggs cooked at 62 ° C served with potato ‘foam’ and crispy ham

    Hotplate, 100 ºC
    The flavours meld together to create a new, more intense and complex taste. Classic dishes transformed with a surprise element. The creamy ‘al dente’ smoked chicken and rice casserole is a signature Saboc dish. Other hotplate examples include the Orzo Risotto (short-cut pasta) served with Asparagus and Prawns.

  • Creamy 'al dente' rice with smoked chicken casserole

    Grill, 200 ºC
    Dishes which are toasted on the outside while juicy on the inside, at this temperature foods are sealed enclosing all the flavours. The Petit Burger with Foie Shavings is a 75 gr mini-burger. The meat and foie are served separately, the idea being that they only come together once on the palate. The fried Octopus and Paprika is cooked and then sear-grilled to make it more crunchy. 

  • The Petit Burger


    The interior design project was carried out by architects Juan Carlos Fernández, Reyes Castellano and Adam Bresnick. Their approach has been informed by a retro Nordic theme but made contemporary using local design references within a stripped back space with large windows and expanses of glass overlooking the Plaza Comercial. Hexagonal mosaic tiles (mosaico hidráulico), plywood tables and bar counter, hanging light pendants and exposed grey painted brick walls define the restaurant area. Furniture is sourced from Danish manufacturer Hay. Although minimalist the space is warm and the lighting is just right for being able to see the food but without destroying the ambience.

  • All photographies @Meritxell Arjalaguer

    Iker Erauzkin is the culinary force behind Saboc (well known for his cookery publications) in collaboration with Néstor Fernández. He has created a menu which is updated on a regular basis with a guaranteed renewal of a third of the dishes every six months. The average price per diner, including drinks is approximately between 25 and 30 Euros.

  • Saboc
  • Fusina, 3  08003 Barcelona (Born)
  • T. +34 93 268 3080
  • www.saboc.es
  • reservas@saboc.es