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Ruta del Bacalao 2016

Codding around

By Brian Gallagher 06.04.16

When the possibility of eating healthily and also discovering (or making a return visit) to some of the best restaurants in Barcelona are combined then anybody who is interested in food should be paying attention. This is the premise behind the fourth edition of the ‘Ruta del Bacalao’ which not only includes 34 restaurants which have all come up with a special menu or tapas for the event but also the ‘bacaladerías’, where cod is cut and cured, located in several of the most iconic markets dotted around the city, including Perelló1898.

From March 31st until April 17th Barcelona residents and visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to participate in this culinary and gastronomic event organized by the Guild of cod in Catalonia with the collaboration of Inedit.

  • Ruta del Bacalao

    Cod confit with Ajoarriero sauce and prunes; Mano Rota restaurant

  • Ruta del Bacalao

    Cod 'morro' with seasonal vegetables, grilled quince and aioli, El Cercle restaurant

  • Ruta del Bacalao

    A selection of tapas, Alma Hotel

  • Ruta del Bacalao

    Cod 'squares' with romesco paprika sauce and spring onions

    One of the most versatile foods and providing value for money cod is also one of the most beloved fish of the Iberian Peninsula, in Portugal alone it is a consecrated recipe where there are more than 20 separate words that mean cod in Portuguese language. Replete with Vitamins A and D as well as Omega-3 oils this is a dish that should be part of everyone’s diet.

    See web for details where a special App can also be downloaded with further information.