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SOLC Restaurant: From farm to table

The beginning of a journey

By Brian Gallagher 23.05.19

Every dish has a starting point, a place where the ingredients are sourced, reared or cultivated; the selection of this raw material is probably as important if not more important than the cooking techniques used in its preparation. At SOLC the restaurant belonging to the Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona the selection of every ingredient represents a relationship with the provider, from cheeses to sobrasada, meats to poultry, seafood to bread. Each and every provider with their own story and unique product, a lifetime’s work, a shared vision.


The very beautiful SOLC restaurant interior, located on the first floor of the Majestic Hotel & Spa whose main entrance is on the corner of Paseo de Gracia and c/ Valencia, is a wonderful setting to become familiar with all these products. Under its leafy arbour (the work of painter Christian Pankoff), SOLC pays homage to local seasonal produce with a menu that is constantly being adapted to reflect the changing seasons put together by chef Luis Llamas, under the watchful eye of the hotel’s executive chef, David Romero.

  • SOLC Restaurant: From farm to table

    Chef David Romero with Sr. Cabrafiga, the farmer who cultivates the vegetables and legumes used in the dishes at SOLC

  • SOLC Restaurant: From farm to table

    Photo of the SOLC chefs Luis Romero and Luis Llamas

    Among the highlights of the spring/summer menu prepared using produce from the hotel’s impressive collection of providers are; Xesc Reina sobrasada (type of cured pork meat) with country honey and La Gargóla cheese; Ajoblanco (savoury cold soup) with Vilanova red prawn, by Marian Gamba; Pau Santamaría tender beans with chard from the Can Met farm served with pork broth; GrauBlau ‘fish of the day’ with pil pil of white asparagus; Cal Tomás Xisqueta lamb stew served with carrot and caraway cream.

  • SOLC Restaurant: From farm to table


    Guests and members of the public can see first hand the provenance of the raw material behind SOLC with a visit to the Can Met estate on the Mareseme, where its vegetables are cultivated. Located just 30 minutes by car from the hotel en Argentona. The "Farm to table" experience is one of the Majestic Eperiences, a series of experiences curated by the hotel created to provide a more in-depth understanding of cultural and gastronomic themes. "Farm to table" includes three stops, the first of which takes place ar Can Met with Mr. Cabrafiga, the farmer in charge of cultivating and harvesting the vegetables prepared at SOLC. The second stop happens at the Alta Alella winery, also in the Maresme region, where visitors are guided around the vineyards that produce the exclusive AA Cau d'en Genís Cuvée Majestic a wine exclusive for the Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, in addition to the spectacular scenery with sea views, a tasting session for other wines produced there and a general explanation of the processes involved in their production. And finally back to the Majestic for lunch at SOLC.

  • SOLC Restaurant: From farm to table


    Complete list of providers:

    Vegetables from the Can Met estate, the hotel's kitchen garden located on the Maresme, www.hotelmajestic.com  

    Fish from GranBlau, www.granblau.es

    Seafood from Mirian Gamba, miriangamba@gmail.com

    Sobrasada from Sobrassades Xesc Reina, www.sobrassadesxescreina.com

    Olive oil from Fincas La Gramanosa, www.fincalagramanosa.com

    Chicken from Pollastres ecològics Torre d’Erbull, pollastres.erbull@gmail.com

    Meats and cold cuts from Cal Tomás, www.ecologicaltomas.com

    Breads and baked items from Forn Sant Josep, fornsantjosep1913@gmail.com

    Cheese by Formatgeria del Miracle, frutas y hortalizas de Pau Santamaría, www.formatgeriaelmiracle.coop  

    Wines and cava by Alta Alella Mirgin, www.altaalella.wine  

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