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Eating healthy has never been easier

By Juan Montenegro 15.12.19

With the opening of its fourth restaurant in Barcelona, located in the Eixample at C/ Aragón 236, POKE SÍ continues with its mission to implant the Poke Bowl as the best gastronomic option for those who follow a healthy and balanced diet, without sacrificing flavour in any way. Thanks to a wide selection of fresh and innovative ingredients, the varied menu of POKE SÍ allows an infinite number of combinations to enjoy its exotic tastes and ingredients daily, but always different.

The Poke is a typical dish from Hawaii, healthy, fresh, served in a bowl, and which arrived in Barcelona just over two years ago now. At POKE SÍ their aim is to innovate with this latest culinary alternative, an idea designed especially for the hustle and bustle of modern life, based on the quality of the main ingredient, the protein, offering in a single dish all the nutrients that the body needs to keep with the frenetic of modern living.

  • Poke Si poke bowl Barcelona to go

    Spicy Tuna, the best seller poke

  • Poke Si poke bowl Barcelona to go

    The new Poke Sí on C/ Aragó


    The menu invites diners to create their own dishes for each visit to POKE SÍ. For all of them protein is going to be the main protagonist. Only the best quality salmon and tuna, marinated in soy or miso, with a rice base, courgette or quinoa noodles, together with wakame, avocado, pickled onion, cassava chips or nori seaweed and different sauces, allow customers to combine and create a different Poke every day. In addition, its coconut and carrot-based foams, unique to POKE SÍ, also provide a differentiating touch.

  • Poke Si poke bowl Barcelona to go

    The POKE SI formula allows many different combinations


    To make life easier there are 6 different Poke formulas: Peas Please, Bomba Zucchini, (courgette), Spicy Tuna, Salmon Yum!, Mr. Soja and Vegan Yes, with tofu as the main protein. And they also offer the option of creating your own from a selection of 55 ingredients, without any additional costs. All the combinations included at the same price (medium, € 9.95 and large, € 12.95).

  • Poke Si poke bowl Barcelona to go

    Personalized Poke

  • Poke Si poke bowl Barcelona to go


    To eat in or to take away, the menu can be completed with exquisite gyozas (pork, vegetables, duck or prawns), cold starters such as nachos with spicy tuna (the best nachos in Barcelona!) And surprising desserts like the Tres Leches or Mousse de Oreo, made with POKE SÍ’s own recipes.

  • Poke Si poke bowl Barcelona to go
  • POKE Sí
  • C. Aragón, 236 (Eixample)
  • C. de Casanova, 189 (Eixample)
  • C.C. Glòries, Av. Diagonal, 208 (Glòries)
  • C. Europa, 28 (Les Corts)
  • Order online:
  • www.pokesi.es