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Pink Lady

A First Class apple

By Silvia Micolau 16.11.12

This November the Pink Lady variety of apple hits the market, a hybrid of two well known species: Golden Delicious and the Lady Williams. Pink Lady could be described as both aristocratic and sensual with an unusual pink coloured body and yellow crown, its aroma has hints of vanilla and wild strawberry. Rigorously selected the texture is crunchy and juicy.

The harvest (by hand) has just been completed within the three European countries where it is grown, Catalonia, France and Italy. Requiring delicacy the fruit is fragile and sensitive to bruising. The colder temperatures of September and October nights as well as the temperate days are perfect for its maturing stage while also resulting in its bitter sweet taste.

Within the agricultural region dedicated to the cultivation of Pink Lady organic farming practices are paramount. El Celler de Can Roca (with 3 Michelin stars), located in close proximity to the farms and packing plant has come up with a dessert inspired by the Pink Lady apple featuring candy floss and pomegranate, a Jordi Roca creation.

Source: Dones Gourmet de Catalunya