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Piel de Gallina

Barcelona style fried chicken


The humble fried chicken is elevated to a gastronomic delicacy at Piel de Gallina, or PdG for short. The latest restaurant to open within the eponymous group (there are four in total) is located in Barcelona city centre, on c/ Aragó between Rambla Catalunya and c/ Balmes. The simple menu features this perennial fast food favourite served in a myriad of ways that reflect the way fried chicken is served around the globe. As well as the chicken however there is a highly unusual drinks offering, where, in addition to a selection of cocktails, craft beers as well as natural wines and speciality ciders; Gos com Fux, Credit Variable and Lord.  

The chicken pieces are marinated in a mixture of semolina flour, water, salt and white pepper for 2 hours and double fried. First for 7 minutes, then allowed to rest for 2 minutes or so, all the excess liquid within the chicken is absorbed during the first frying and the second frying provides a more crunchy finish that lasts for longer, without affecting the juiciness of the inner part. This technique is inspired by Korean practices, where there it is a long tradition of eating fried chicken with kimchi and pickled turnip every Sunday.

  • PdG Chicken Bar
  • PdG Chicken Bar


    The highlight and house special is Viaje por el Mundo, originally an experiment that turned out to be a great success during trials, where a piece of chicken from the catalog is offered, being able to taste those 6 flavors that have already become classics: Seoul, Patagonia, Tulum , Bangkok, Tennessee and Lima.


  • PdG Chicken Bar


    The restaurant is organised as a series of spaces with a semi-outdoor area at the entrance, the middle section with the open plan kitchen and a more private area overlooking the courtyard at the back with lots of natural light. The offer includes a continuous non-stop kitchen service that also features pork and vegan options: the tofu bahmi (tamari-marinated tofu, pickle, avocado cream, carrot and zucchini crudités, mayonnaise and coriander), the Tel Aviv eggplant (roasted eggplant, lemon tajine, crème fraîche, pico de gallo, za'atar and sumac) or grilled cauliflower (roasted with green tahini sauce, pomegranate, mint and tarragon).

  • PdG Chicken Bar
  • PdG Chicken Bar
  • Piel de Gallina
  • Barcelona’s Chicken Bar
  • C/ Aragó, 237, 08007 Barcelona
  • Telf. +34 601 52 88 69
  • www.pieldgallina.com