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Pedralbes Village

Music + beer + food

By Brian Gallagher 28.06.21

Summer festivals and beer go together, like eating popcorn at the cinema or toasting with cava at New Year’s Eve. Although this year is exceptional in many ways the music festivals that are happening are being enjoyed to the limit. Festival Jardins de Pedralbes is no exception, taking place within one of the most exception corners of Barcelona. The Village area is buzzing nightly with conversations, concerts, food and drinks stands etc. One of the most popular corners is the one sponsored by Alhambra beers where beer lovers can choose between four options that are conceived to combat the summer heat and animate the evening.

Anyone can attend the Village area, it is run separately to the Festival and like the Festival runs till the end of July. Entrance tickets cost five Eur and cover a snack or drink.  For music (and beer) lovers the Alhambra Moments area is close to the main entrance off Av. Diagonal. Choose between the Alhambra Lager Singular, Alhambra Reserva Citra IPA, Alhambra Reserva Roja or Alhambra Baltic Porter, there’s a beer for every taste. From the light and fruity to the stronger IPA and darker porter.  No cash is accepted so bring a bank card or phone App.

  • Cervezas Alhambra
  • Cervezas Alhambra

    Musicians and singers such as Ariadna Abecasis (July 17 and 20), among others, will pass through the Momentos Alhambra stage.

    The Village stays open till 1.00 am and is spread out over the entire park, except for around the Palacio where the festival stage is constructed. There is nowhere better to spend warm muggy evenings and get back into the groove of music, friends, conversations and too many beers. Booking necessary for any of the festival dates.

  • Cervezas Alhambra