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Nikkei cuisine and avant garde interior design at the latest Adrià-Iglesias venture

By Silvia Micolau 28.05.13

Albert and Ferran Adrià have joined forces once again with Juan Carlos, Borja and Pedro Iglesias setting up this restaurant, Pakta -the name means together in Quechua-, located in what is turning out to be their fiefdom in the emerging Paral·lel neighbourhood. Based on their previous positive experience of team work the interior designers El Equipo Creativo have been retained as well.

Oliver Franz Schmidt and Natali Canas del Pozo, directors of El Equipo Creativo (who were also responsible for the design of Tickets and 41º) have designed a dazzling interior at Pakta, despite the austerity of the chosen materials. Reflecting the fusion concept combining the two gastronomic cultures, and fully cognisant that Nikkei’s roots are Japanese, but enveloped in the flavours, colours and traditions of its adopted country, an Andean loom has been recreated. With its timber mechanism and cotton treads that crisscross at various points over different directions the result is a combination of highly intense colour zones with other more neutral ones. Featured over the interior walls and the ceiling illustrating the process of textile weaving, lends the space a three dimensional character infused with movement. In similar fashion the bar is composed of three pieces of unpolished Novelda marble, and the tables are made from American oak with small knots recalling the traditional Japanese taverns and their predilection for natural finishes. “The final result brings together the reinterpretation of these two cultures, Peruvian and Japanese, through some of their most emblematic traditional elements, creating a visually powerful but at the same time balanced solution, spontaneous and rational, riotous and silent at the same time, surprising but yet strangely familiar, just like Nikkei cuisine itself.” -they explain.

Pakta opened on April 2nd and currently features a tasting menu made up from 18 sample portions and 4 desserts, replacing the initial offering: Fujiyama (16 sample portions and 4 desserts) and Machu Picchu (20 sample portions and 5 desserts). Kyoko Li is in charge of the Japanese cuisine, Jorge Muñoz looks after the Peruvian side of things, and Albert Adrià is responsible for the way both rich traditions come together. The offering is complimented by the drinks menu; aperitifs like the Pisco Sour and Kimidori, night caps like the Umeshu Choya or shōchū infused with plum and crystallised sugar, a selection of Japanese whiskeys and of course sakes.

Grupo BCN 5.0, the umbrella group which oversees the Adrià-Iglesias incursions into Barcelona’s restaurant sector will be shortly remodelling the 41º, opening the vermouth bar Bodega 1900 this July, and Mexican restaurant Yauarcan in October.

Source: Dones Gourmet de Catalunya


  • Adrià Goula

  • Pakta
  • Lleida, 5
  • 08004 Barcelona
  • Only online booking: www.pakta.es