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Without doubt food tastes better outdoors, whether it’s lunch or dinner on a terrace, sandwiches at the beach or having a picnic in the park. The current interest in all thing street food related stands testament to our penchant for outdoors culinary experiences. P de Picnic is a new gastronomic project that turns any urban space in Barcelona into a picnic venue. 

There are several different picnic boxes to choose from with the emphasis on quality local produce and suppliers that reflect the diversity and richness of smaller less commercial companies operating in the sector. Founded by chef Oscar Vallés and Vanessa Sarkis the aim is to provide a genuine Barcelona experience that includes the very best the city has to offer in terms of its urban spaces and gastronomy. The boxes can be picked up from a selection of different hotels, guest houses and delicatessens around the city (see list below) as well as a free delivery service to anywhere in Barcelona city, see web for details. The boxes come with a map of the city which illustrates 10 recommended places for enjoying a picnic together with a free carry bag as a keep-sake. The menu price is 25 Eur. for two.

  • P for Picnic

    Menu Iberic, P de Picnic

  • P for Picnic

    The picnic boxes come with a map of Barcelona

  • P for Picnic
  • recommended pick up point: info tickets barcelona
  • C. De l'arc de Sant Silvestre, 1 (mercat de Santa caterina)  T. +34 697 738 912 Mon-Sun: 10aM–3pm + 5pm–7.30pm
  • other pick up ponts, times: www.pdepicnic.com