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Osmosis & Unai Mata Falcó

A new chapter in wine pairing,

By Brian Gallagher 28.06.18

The restaurant directed by chef Raúl Roig Sanmartin located in the heart of the Eixample neighbourhood is renowned for its seasonal and local Catalan inspired cuisine. Offering a range of tasting menus, with or without wine pairing Osmosis changes its entire menu every fortnight. A recent incorporation to the team, sommelier Unai Mata Falcó represents another reason added to the already long list of reasons to discover or return to Osmosis.

Unai is a natural communicator and with his guidance the gastronomic adventure that diners will experience at Osmosis is expertly accompanied by just the right wines. He is the perfect example of how nowadays we have the possibility of studying not just one career but multiple careers over our working life. Unai, who is a Basque native, studied Fine Arts before discovering the world of cooking, training at several high profile restaurants in Bilbao. Changing tack slightly he traded the dining room for the kitchen and after time spent at Dos Cielos and Spoonik is now installed at Osmosis.

  • Osmosis & Unai Mata Falcó
  • Osmosis & Unai Mata Falcó

    Duck Magret

  • Osmosis & Unai Mata Falcó

    Rane of rice dishes


    This unusual combination of in depth knowledge of food and wines, as well as his experience in the arts makes for an entertaining and informative encounter. Which is at the core of every great gastronomic experience. Local, national and some international labels are featured in the wines that Unia includes in creating a bespoke and customised dining experience.

  • Osmosis & Unai Mata Falcó

    Portrait of Raúl Roig Sanmartin


    And like any restaurant Osmosis is the sum of its parts, another of its parts is the vision of Raúl Roig, head chef who after 25 years working in the sector both at home and abroad has for the last number of years been responsible for the highly ambitious and creative cuisine at Osmosis. A cuisine where the ingredients are respected above all else, where the menu is completely changed every two weeks meaning that only produce in season is used inn the elaboration of the different dishes. Where the foundations of its gastronomy are built on Catalan traditions made personal through the experience and sensibility of Raúl.

  • Osmosis & Unai Mata Falcó

    One of the colelction of dining spaces at Osmosis

  • Osmosis & Unai Mata Falcó
  • Osmosis
  • C/ Aribau, 100
  • 08036 Barcelona
  • telf. 93 4545201
  • www.restauranteosmosis.com
  • Mon to Sat from 1.30pm to 3.30pm and 8.30pm to 11.30pm