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One hundred percent eco-restaurant

By Brian Gallagher 01.10.14

A restaurant where everything revolves around the concept of sustainability, quality fresh organic ingredients (which also taste good) and most importantly at an affordable price. Nowadays we are all more conscious about the environment however if our good intentions as concerned consumers are to be translated into action then we must be given competitive options to choose. Organic’s is such an option, based on a slow fast food restaurant the idea is that it will eventually become a franchise, a second establishment is to open in the near future. The restaurant’s food offering includes a ‘gourmet’ salad bar where the client can create their own personal salad based on 4 basic variations which can be combined with 40 ingredients including fruit, greens, legumes and vegetables with a choice of up to seven different dressings provided. Opening at 7 AM the kitchen service is uninterrupted serving through till midnight.

Organic’s is the kind of restaurant that you imagine must have existed in Barcelona for some time but in fact this is the city’s first officially certified totally organic restaurant (not only in Barcelona but in Spain), awarded by Intereco, asociación que agrupa a las Autoridades Públicas de Control de Agricultura Ecológica. This certificate is revised annually which means that Organics will be required to maintain its high standards from day one.

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  • Organic's

     Amos Milton Garcia Orozco with chef Fran Heras in front of Organic's green wall

    The food aspect of Organics and its elaboration is directed by Fran Heras, proprietor of Llamber restaurant in the Born (see, Tapas de Asturias con sabor catalán). Organics is not a vegetarian restaurant however it includes jamón, pollo, roast beef and salmón on the menu. The overarching idea here is to reach as wide a clientele as possible. The behind the scenes research is exhaustive given that all suppliers have to be near and conform with the organics philosophy – even the plastic eating utensils here are biodegradable.

    The overall restaurant area consists of 400 sq.m., its interior has been designed along ecological principles, using recycled materials, in a well thought through and attractive interior which includes a vertical garden at the entrance with a blackboard that explains the days’ specials and other information. The large windows overlooking Plaza Urquinaona ensure the maximum daylight possible, the servery and seating area including comfortable sofas are provided on the ground floor while there is also mezzanine level (and also highly impressive clean toilets in the basement). The overall seating capacity is for 128 diners.