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Catalan and world fusion cuisine

By Brian Gallagher 14.12.19

Just like its name suggests (orear means to ‘air’ or ‘ventilate’ in Spanish) this recently opened restaurant is a breath of fresh air both in terms of its culinary approach and its beautiful interior design. The flavours are delicate with touches of world fusion cuisine but not in an ostentatious manner but instead simply adding influences from other parts of the world that compliment dishes that everyone will recognise. Located in the city centre Orea is a gastronomic restaurant with a cocktail bar where each dish and cocktail is carefully crafted.

The food is organised under four distinct sections, healthy green options (legumes, salads and seeds), cuchara dishes (rice, soups etc.), surf and turf and creative signature dishes which also includes meat and fish options. The menu is not extensive but is varied with vegetarian and vegan options. Ismael Alonso is responsible for the gastronomic philosophy and day to day cooking at Orea. After having worked at the kitchens of the Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona as well as the Arola restaurant at the Arts hotel, the chef wanted to put into practice his extensive knowledge and culinary techniques with a selection of unusual and healthy dishes.

  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails
  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails

    Smoked aubergine

  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails

    "Rubia Gallega" (meat) Tataki


    The opening of Orea represents the realisation of a dream on the part of the two owners Maya Shinde and Marc Bernat, the former from India, and the latter Catalan. Together they have envisioned a meeting of cultures expressed through its gastronomic offering that is also surprisingly affordable and represents good value for money. The Executive menu includes a choice or 1 or 2 courses with dessert and glass of wine or other drink (22€ and 29€ respectively),while there is a 5 course tasting menu with four drinks and 2 desserts (49€). As well as a green tasting menu (42€).

    Each of the recipes includes several ingredients and sauces that are designed to compliment the primary element. The food at Orea represents the search for the maximum expression of flavours involved in order to delight the palette. Dishes such as the Octopus Tiradito Peruvian causa, sweet potato and kalamata olives; or the Shabu Shabu Of white fish, prawns and vegetable and the Vegetarian Plankton Curry with basmati rice and seasonal vegetables. The rice dishes that do not feature rice are also remarkable, like the Creamy Barley Of pesto with roasted tomatoes and free range chicken or the Buckwheat Risotto with artichokes, wild asparagus and seasonal mushrooms.

  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails

    octopus Tiradito

  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails

    Truffled fake eels

  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails

    Vacío de Wagyu

  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails



    The entrance to Orea is designed as a garden trellis, set back slightly from the street with the aroma of fresh plants marking the threshold. The interior design by WIT Architects is elegant and stylish, a simple space in pastel colours with an island cocktail bar diving the front section from the rear. The kitchen is located at the very back behind sliding glass doors. Comfortable seats and good lighting for taking photos of the dishes, all of which are very instagramable. The excellent service and the creative cocktails (10 in creative options in total, with or without alcohol) will guarantee a return visit.

  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails

    Orea semi-covered entrance

  • Orea Barcelona Restuarant Cocktails

    the cocktail bar and drinks of Orea act is the "nerve center" of the restaurant

  • Orea
  • C/ València, 193
  • 08011 Barcelona
  • T. + 93 451 11 74
  • From Tuesday to Saturday - 13:30 to 16:00 - 20:30 to 23:30
  • www.orearestaurant.com