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OKasional Beer

Barcelona beer culture.

By Brian Gallagher 29.01.23

The craft beer phenomenon is gaining more and more followers in Barcelona. Over the last number of years there has been a marked shift away from the more commercial varieties to lesser-known beers and brewers. The number of bars and speciality shops is continuously increasing to such an extent it’s impossible to ignore.  Okasional is a must-visit for aficionados of beer and the curious alike. Located within the Sant Antoni area just off Gran Via on Casanova in one of the most trendy neighbourhoods. The range of options is encyclopaedic as is the knowledge of the personnel that work there.

Everything you think you know about beer is probably wrong, your prejuidiuces and expectations are going to be tested at Okasional, from beers specially created to pair with gastronomy to limited-edition collaborations between brewers. Founder and owner Xavi García Barber is on hand to provide his knowledge and insight. He has been obsessed with beer since university and is the author of two important books on the history of beer in Spain. Nowadays beer is an acknowledged rival to wine, both to enjoy on its own or with food, and after discovering Okasional you will see why.

  • Okasional Beer
  • Okasional Beer


    OKasional also features a tasting area with beer on tap at the rear area of the shop with regular events that can be consulted online. Every Thursday there is a selection of specials however every day is a good day to drop by and find out about the fascinating world of beer.

  • Okasional Beer


    OKasional reaches all of Spain through its website: www.okasional-beer.com. From 12 bottles or cans, the freshest and most novel craft beers can be easily ordered. ArrivIing the next day at the customer's home via Nacex, in a commitment to excellence in online service.