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By Brian Gallagher 24.03.22

Chocolate and red wine are natural bed fellows. The latest ground breaking project from the David Seijas of Gallina de Piel Wines, is an Easter Egg for the entire family, adults and children alike. The collaboration with Lluc Crusellas Spain’s representative at the World Chocolate Masters 2022 of is a numbered edition giant Egg with a surprise inside. A bottle of red wine that is specifically conceived for pairing with chocolate. The recommended way to enjoy #NoMona is as an aperitif for Easter Sunday lunch, according to Seijas. And before then as a centre piece for the dining table, the texture of the chocolate imitates wood in a very realistic way. White chocolate marks each individual number and the names of its authors.

Not only is #NoMona a beautiful object but the idea is to combine performance with art and gastronomy. Just 100 units are being produced. Each comes with a signed certificate from both Seijas and Crusellas. The egg has approximatey 2 Kg of chocolate plus the weight of the bottle of wine inside. In order to successfully crack the egg a hammer blow to just below the top is required.

  • #NoMona
  • #NoMona


    David Seijas explains that the original idea came about from “questioning each of the concepts behind the traditional Easter Eggs. Starting from the fact that a traditional Egg in Spain is a cake that has chocolate eggs that older people give to the little ones, we ask ourselves: Why do they stop giving Eggs to kids when childhood is over? Can’t there be one specially for adults? It is rethinking the concept with the open mind of a kid who questions everything because why not.”

  • #NoMona


    You can order through the website and at the El Carme de Vic shop. To pick it up, you can go to the same Carme de Vic store, in Lluc Crusellas, on April 14, or at one of the authorized collection points in Girona and Barcelona.