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Nobuko, Sushi & Cocktail Bar

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By Ashley Nave 16.03.17

Nobuko is a restaurant and cocktail bar serving Japanese cuisine with local Mediterranean influences in the Sarriá-Sant Gervasi neighbourhood. With a fusion of the best of Japanese and Mediterranean food culture featuring innovative cooking techniques in an offering a wide range of different style sushi rolls and dishes a la carte. The terrace directly outside on C/ Tuset provides a sunny and comfortable outdoor area that can be enjoyed all year around while the interior design is elegant and spacious. 

Just a few steps from their sister restaurant Nogg, also on Tuset, specialising in authentic Mediterranean-style cuisine, Nobuko’s open plan kitchen located at the entrance leads to an oasis of white leather seating and black glass tables with flourishes of colour and planting. The cocktail bar, occupying one side of the space, serves classic and creative cocktails complimenting the gastronomic offering here. The dining area features stencilled wall mural created by well know Barcelona based illustrator, Joan Tarragó, filled with symbolism that perfectly capture the youthful verve and minimalist aesthetic of Nobuko.

  • Nobuko, Sushi & Cocktails

    Crazy Salmon - Made with flambéed salmon, salmon tartare within,avocado, mayonaise and ikura

  • Nobuko, Sushi & Cocktails
    Crunchy Salmon - Hosomaki salmon tempura, teriyaki salmon and philadelphia with salon tartare on top
  • Nobuko, Sushi & Cocktails

    Berry Crunchy Tuna - Hosomaki tuna tempura with tuna fish, avocado, tuna tartare and strawberry on top

    With a keen focus on visual presentation Nobuko's flavourful offering ranges from simple sushi entreés, such as the chirasi bowl of white rice accompanied with a selection of fresh tuna, salmon or avocado, to the more elaborate options, such as the Rainbow Roll, which is a ten piece assortment of sushi served with a Japanese omelette, fried onions, ikura, avocado and cucumber in a seaweed skin wrap. Other options include the moriawase (a selection of sushi) ideal for pairing with a cocktail, or the unusual Berry Crunchy Tuna roll, an eight piece roll consisting of tempura avocado, tuna tartar accented with a strawberry flavour touch.

  • Nobuko, Sushi & Cocktails
    Charlotte Tempura - Made with salmon, avocado, cream cheese and spring onion
  • Nobuko, Sushi & Cocktails
    Dragon Roll - Eel, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber and teriyaki sauce
  • Nobuko, Sushi & Cocktails

    Dining area of Nobuko

  • Nobuko
  • Sushi & Cocktail Bar
  • C/ Tuset 36,
  • 08006 Barcelona
  • www.nobuko.es
  • telf. 93 217 8219