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Market cuisine

Pòrtic Boqueria

By Brian Gallagher 23.04.13

One of the key foundations of Catalonia’s culinary culture is the market and access to the freshest vegetables, legumes, meat, sea food and fish that the region produces. Among the many spectacular markets in Barcelona one stands head and shoulders above all others, the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria or simply the Boqueria has been in use as a market since medieval times. The structure standing today was designed by architect Mas Vilà and dates back to 1853 (located on the site of the San José convent founded by the Carmelites) the metal roof structure was subsequently added in 1914 and still defines today the market located beneath within Plaça Sant Josep.

No. 13 was formerly a butcher’s shop within the same family for five generations which was recently refurbished as a restaurant (a joint initiative with another family with a background in the hostelry business). Under the watchful eye of manager Àngels Molinos whose passion for cooking forms an essential ingredient to the ambience at Pòrtic Boqueria, the interior overlooks the more than 300 individual stands that constitute the market and which ensures that everything served here is top quality and fresh. Sandwiched between the Boqueria and the adjacent Palau de la Virreina, access is provided under the stone columns forming the portico surrounding one of the world’s most emblematic markets. The interior is divided into two zones the less formal downstairs where diners can share tapas and raciones; croquettes (home made), cured ham, artichoke shavings with Romesco sauce, oysters etc. Upstairs on the mezzanine level is a cozy sit down restaurant specialising in market fresh Mediterranean cuisine risottos, including the house speciality Butifarra and ‘Trompetas de la muerte’ (species of mushrooms) risotto, grilled fish and shell fish as well as meat dishes, all supplied direct from the market. An impressive selection of home made desserts including Chocolate Profiteroles and Crema Catalana ‘foam’ garnished with burnt Brown Sugar together with a convincing and well stocked wine and cava list.

  • The restaurant is located within the Boqueria market

  • Selection of deep fried sea food

    Open from Monday through Saturday from 8.30 am through 11.30 pm the atmosphere here could not be more food centric. The hussle and bussle of the day transforms into a rarefied and atmospheric evening setting where the history and present of Barcelona’s gastronomic culture come together. The gates to the market close to the public at around 11 pm but customers can exit at will, whether for a glass of wine and tapa or something more substantial Pòrtic Boqueria is a must visit in this part of the city. It exudes all the qualities that the sometimes hackneyed term market fresh cuisine defines combined with that most essential element for a successful restaurant, location.   

  • Sea clams

  • Grilled Razor shellfish

  • Monkfish served with clams

  • Chocolate ProfitEroles, house speciality

  • The ground floor space where tapas and shared dishes are served

  • The mezzanine main dining area, warm and inviting with views over the market

  • Pòrtic Boqueria
  • Plaza Sant Josep n. 13 08002 Barcelona
  • Tel. 93 667 3539